Woodworking is a hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone. It doesn’t require any special skills, and takes very little time to complete. If you’re looking for something to make money on the side or want to try your hand at woodworking, these 75 ideas will get you started on the right foot.

The most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell is a list of 75 woodworking projects that are profitable.

Are you searching for profitable woodworking projects?

You’ve spent a lot of time looking for ideas for your next major project on the internet, but nothing seems to suit the bill?

There’s no need to look any farther since you’ve arrived at the correct location! We’ll look at the many kinds of wood projects that will not only sell but also profit in this post.

You may take on a variety of tasks, ranging from the simplest and most straightforward DIYs to the most practical ones that can totally alter your home’s decor.

So, whether you’re a beginner searching for project ideas or a seasoned carpenter trying to improve your craft, keep reading for woodworking ideas to sell (or to work on during your spare time).

Selling Woodworking Projects

  1. Wall Shelf with a Simple Design
  2. Box for Jewellery
  3. Photo Frames
  4. Toolbox made of wood
  5. Stool with Steps
  6. Dividers in a Bin for Storage
  7. Artwork on the Wall
  8. Organizer for Makeup
  9. Holder of a key
  10. Rack for Clothes
  11. Holder for a glass
  12. Shelf for the Garden
  13. Wall Clock Made of Wood
  14. Laptop Table
  15. Pet Beds
  16. Chair for Relaxation
  17. Wall Shelf in a Corner
  18. Bottle Opener with Mount
  19. Jewellery Display
  20. Stand for Plants
  21. Outdoor Dining Table
  22. Board of Discussion
  23. Cup Holder And Sofa Sleeve
  24. Ladder of Blankets
  25. Planter for the Window
  26. Shelf with Pegs
  27. Holder for tea lights
  28. Bench made of wood
  29. Clock made of pallets
  30. Susan is a slacker.
  31. Sign for a House
  32. Headboard
  33. Wall of Pallets
  34. Swing Set for Indoors
  35. Pendant Light
  36. Lanterns made of wood
  37. Furniture with a rustic feel 
  38. Racks for Wine
  39. Racks for Coats
  40. Doormats made of wood
  41. Dock Station for Phones and Tablets
  42. Board for cutting and serving
  43. Cat Tree
  44. Planter Containers
  45. Shed for Garden Storage
  46. Murphy’s Bar is a place where you can
  47. Utensils for Cooking
  48. Bat for baseball
  49. Pincushions
  50. Honey Dipper is a kind of honey dipper. is a kind of honey dipper.
  51. Fruit Salad
  52. BookEnds
  53. House for Birds
  54. Sign made of wood
  55. Coasters
  56. Bowling Alley
  57. Caddy for the bathtub
  58. Table of the River
  59. Cooler Container
  60. Dividers for Drawers
  61. Frame for the bed
  62. Cart for the kitchen or bar
  63. Sectional Sofa in the Garden
  64. Island in the kitchen
  65. Stand for Dog Bowls
  66. Stand for pour-over coffee
  67. Scraper for Boots
  68. Table with Fretwork 
  69. Infinity Calendar with Wooden Blocks
  70. Tables that dangle
  71. Ornaments for Christmas
  72. Toys Made of Wood
  73. Box of Gifts 
  74. Easel for Art
  75. Pumpkin made of wood

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Is Woodworking a Profitable Business?

Woodworking Projects That Sell

I’m sure you’re wondering whether woodworking is lucrative before we get into the list of woodworking projects that sell.

In conclusion, woodworking may be financially rewarding.

Woodworkers make an average yearly income of $33,750, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

With being stated, the amount varies depending on where you work and what goods you offer if you’re self-employed.

For example, if you purchase $100 worth of reclaimed wood and convert it into a wine rack (a lucrative product), you can sell it for $500 and earn a big profit, as seen below.

That is an example of a single lucrative product being sold. 

You may create a profitable company out of it if you narrow down and concentrate on woodworking projects that sell for a profit.

Selling Small Woodworking Projects

1.Easy Wall Shelf

Woodworking Projects That Sell

Shelves are useful for storing and arranging a variety of items, including toys, spices, and even plants. Not only that, but they may also be ornamental, changing the appearance and feel of a space entirely.

Making a basic wall shelf may seem easy to seasoned woodworkers, but you can take it a step further by turning it into a circular or curved shelf.

It may also be equipped with a hook to serve as a key holder or a clothes rack.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Box of Extras

Jewelry, valuable trinkets, and brooches may all be stored in accessories boxes.

 You may also express yourself by adding etching and personalizations, such as a keyhole for added security and mobility.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Photo Frames

Working with picture frames is a lot of fun (and to sell).

 The greatest thing is that they’re in high demand. Photography studios that work on large-scale events like graduations are constantly on the hunt for frame options. 

Because of the appeal of minimalist interiors, even a basic timber frame is in demand. You may personalize it with complex carvings and personalizations like names and sayings.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Toolbox made of wood

A wooden toolbox is one of the tiny wood projects to sell, and it can be simply put together with a piece of plywood, a dowel rod, and a few nails, whether it’s to hold garage tools or painting materials.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Stool with Steps

Step stools are helpful not only for reaching higher shelves, but they may also be used as a little chair. A well-constructed step stool may also be used as a workout tool.

Making a step stool is comforting for parents since it is safe for toddlers and children while also being flexible for people who need it for a variety of purposes. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Storage Bin 

Toys and other equipment may be conveniently stored due to storage containers. They allow you to preserve room for decluttering or cleaning.

They’re also extremely useful and very customisable, such as rustic storage boxes or storage boxes with a lid for dust-free storage, making them one of many profitable woodworking projects that sell. 

Article: Instructions 

  1. Artwork on the Wall

When it comes to curating hanging art for home décor or as a distinctive addition to an art museum, you can never go wrong. 

You may be as creative as you like when creating a piece of hanging art by adding patterns and engraving to give it a vintage or modern appearance.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Organizer for Makeup

Wooden cosmetic organizers are an environmentally responsible method to store and organize makeup brushes, mascara, and 26 lipstick colors.

Working on this project allows you to be creative with modifications depending on client requirements, such as adding grooves to tiny drawers or arranging various parts for specific orders. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Holder of a key

A key holder is a simple, traditional woodworking project that sells, and you can simply customize it by adding a key insert or a decorative form for a personal touch.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Rack for Clothes

The locked cupboard has been replaced with an open clothes rack. There are a variety of styles you may try out that not only store your clothing in one place, but are also simple and quick to put together.

Mini clothing racks for youngsters, a ladder-shaped rack, and a floating rack are just a few of the numerous options.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Holder for a glass

Glass (and wine) holders are ideal for sophisticated people seeking for a simple method to unwind (no pun intended) in the evening while also assisting in the hosting of elegant dinner parties. 

They’re also great presents for wine enthusiasts, with personalized choices like initial engraving and unique designs like this one, which you can make in a Saturday afternoon.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Shelf for the Garden

Garden shelves are a wonderful way to show off your favorite plants without going overboard. The dynamic designs that may improve the look of their gardens will be appreciated by your fellow gardening friends or neighborhood nurseries.

To help freshen up an outside garden or indoor décor, choose from a simple tiered design or individual floating shelves.

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Sellable DIY Wood Projects

Woodworking Projects That Sell

The following is a list of DIY projects that are top-selling woodworking items:

  1. Wall Clock Made of Wood

A wall clock is a multipurpose wedding or housewarming present that not only helps the punctual and planners keep track of time. The good news is that it’s a simple and fast activity that you can do in your free time or on weekends. 

You may keep it basic, like this wood slice clock, or take it to the next level by engraving it into this tree of life for a more valuable design.


Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Laptop Table

People are increasingly working from home, which necessitates the creation of a pleasant, ergonomic workplace.

A robust laptop stand is an excellent addition to the setup, since the angled shape helps to eliminate computer necks and poor posture while maintaining efficiency. 


Consider adding extensions to the desk legs to turn it into a movable laptop desk, which is both a benefit and a lucrative feature, while you work on this project.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Pet Beds


Do you want to try a unique DIY for your next project? Here’s a thought: why not make a pet bed for a furry friend?  

Making a pet bed is definitely one of the finest personal projects you can do to provide your pet a comfortable place to rest at home. 

I can’t promise that your dogs will quit sleeping on your bed, however.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Chair for Relaxation

Another popular and lucrative woodworking project is the lounge chair. 

Over the weekend, you may work on this project and experiment with various designs that have unique functions, such as an adjustable lounge chair for summer poolside days or a folding deck chair for relaxing by the beach.


Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Wall Shelf in a Corner

Try building the corner wall shelf to boost your shelf game. It’s ideal for showcasing indoor plants, sorting books by genre, and even organizing skincare items.

You may experiment with several ideas and constructions, such as a floating shelf or a multi-tier wall-mounted shelf, to see which wood project will sell the best.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Bottle Opener with Mount

Do you know someone who has trouble cracking open a cold one? They’ll come in handy in a bottle opener that’s placed on the wall.

The robust construction makes beer evenings a breeze and guarantees a clean opening. Plus, you won’t have to worry about misplacing bottle openers anymore. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Jewellery Display

Many of the woodworking projects that are sold are useful for organizing. For example, a jewelry stand helps keep accessories tidy and properly displayed, so say goodbye to lost earrings, strewn necklaces, and misplaced bracelet charms.

For a simple design, you may use a piece of wood connected to pieces of metal (such as copper) or an engraver for a creative arrangement and personalizations.


Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Stand for Plants

A plant stand, rather than a conventional plant saucer, will elevate (literally) the plant and home’s decor by adding an attractive touch. 

After you’ve secured the wood pieces together, apply a coat of wood stain to keep it from decaying. Adjust the leg height for customizing choices. Various kinds of plants need different leg heights.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor tables are constantly in demand, thanks to continual design innovation. Its flexibility makes it ideal as a service table for a 50-person garden party or a peaceful outdoor date night for two.


In any case, this is a project you should not pass up. That being said, you’ll need more room to work on it.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Board of Discussion

Message boards are very simple to create and use. To make a pin-friendly board, start with a picture frame with a piece of felt fabric in the center, or an all-wooden board (with grooves) for a hipster appearance.

They may be hung on a wall, exhibited on a wooden stand, and sold to both personal and business sectors, so there’s a lot of money to be made!

Article: Tutorial | 

  1. Cup Holder And Sofa Sleeve

Have you ever prepared a cup of tea and set it on the table to cool for ’10 minutes,’ only to forget about it and wind up drinking cold tea? 

Cold tea worries may be put to rest with the couch sleeve. While you sit back and binge-watch your favorite Netflix series, the built-in cup holder and customizable size will keep it in place. 

Despite the fact that this project is best suited for expert woodworkers, there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Ladder of Blankets

Blanket ladders are a wonderful way to give a vintage feel to a space. It may be used as a drying rack, to arrange towels, and for easy blanket storage, in addition to being exhibited for aesthetic reasons.

It will only cost you $10 or less to build, but due to its beautiful design, it will be a very lucrative project. Do you have any doubts? Check out this rustic ladder that costs more than $100!

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Planter for the Window

Woodworking Projects That Sell

More individuals are choosing to cultivate a small garden at home as knowledge of mindful and healthy eating grows. However, individuals who live in a tiny apartment or in a high-rise building with a tight balcony may find this challenging.

Because of its simple and space-saving form, a window planter box is simple to make and utilize. You may personalize it by adding labels for better organizing or attaching hooks to make it easier to hang.  

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Shelf with Pegs

Looking to make the most of the space in your house for your jumbled up equipment and supplies? Look no further and try your hand at building a pegboard shelf.

The board’s numerous drilled holes allow it to be easily adjusted and adapted to your ever-changing organizing and storage requirements. Use it for stationery, hardware, and even pots and pans in the kitchen. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

Sellable Scrap Wood Projects

Don’t throw away any scrap wood you have laying about your workplace. Instead, try one of these best-selling wood crafts.

  1. Holder for tea lights

Because all you need is a single piece of plywood (or other scrap wood) and a drill press to make the holes, this is a fast and simple project to do.

This tealight candle holder is now ready to improve the atmosphere for a romantic date night or create the tone for a movie-watching session after it has been sanded and stained.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Bench made of wood


Benches may be utilized for more than just sitting and having important discussions; they can also be used to showcase and arrange tiny plants.

What’s the greatest part? From a bunch of waste wood, you can make a nice, completely functioning wood bench. Its size varies according on the kind of wood you use, but the final result is valuable and lucrative.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Clock made of pallets

Putting a few pieces of pellet together and nailing them together is all it takes to make a pallet clock. Consider using an engraver to carve intricate designs or a jigsaw to make a circular pallet clock for additional creativity.

Leave it as is for a rustic appearance, or add embellishments like paint or engraving to make it more unique. And there you have it!  

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Susan is a slacker.

Yes, you read it correctly. You can convert garbage into treasure, much like the clock, in this instance a really useful lazy Susan. A bigger one is suitable for the dining table, while a smaller one serves as both a turntable and a serving plate.

It’s a fantastic instrument that you can make in a weekend and then use, give, or sell for a profit.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Sign for a House

Are you looking for simple woodworking project ideas to sell? Gather some scrap wood and use it to create a modern home sign. Aside from assisting the local mailman with delivery, it also provides a contemporary touch to the outside of one’s house or business. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Headboard

A bedroom’s focal point is the bed. When it comes to changing up your style or décor, constructing a new headboard is a great way to go. The good news is that you may reuse the wood you used to construct it.

There are numerous design choices to consider if you’re seeking to sell, like the single piece headboard, pallet headboard, and an engraved, wall-mounted headboard, to mention a few. A well-made headboard with intricate patterns and decorations may cost more than $400.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Wall of Pallets

Are you stumped as to what else you might create with waste wood? To create a beautiful pallet wall, cut up some pallet wood into various-sized pieces and assemble them.

This job may take many hours over several days to accomplish, but it may also generate a profit from what was previously a cost-effective concept. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Swing Set for Indoors

Families with small children are often searching for new ways to amuse them. Building an indoor swing is one of the greatest methods to assist children with this. 

Aside from being a profitable project, the swing is very durable, owing to the strong ceiling hook that is virtually designed to endure. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Pendant Light

A hanging light may make a room seem larger without taking up a lot of space.

There are a variety of design choices available, ranging from simple antique to abstract designs, making it a lucrative carpentry project to sell. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Lanterns made of wood

Wooden lanterns are often used as ornamental props or event centerpieces. They’re also frequently used to create a quiet and neutral atmosphere in the home these days. 

While rectangular lanterns are the most common, you may also try geometric designs and themed lanterns.

Article | Video | Tutorial

Which Woodworking Projects Are the Most Profitable?


Building and Selling the Most Profitable Woodworking Projects

Although there are a plethora of woodworking projects that sell, the following are very valuable and high-quality.  

  1. Furniture with a rustic feel 

Building furniture requires specialized knowledge and expertise, takes longer to finish, and often includes a significant quantity of material. 

Large woodworking products, such as furniture, may be sold at a considerably higher and lucrative price than smaller woodworking tasks.

Ideas for profitable furniture:

Ideas: Video | Article

  1. Racks for Wine

Due to their practical design, which helps to keep wines safely without sacrificing their quality, wine racks are often one of the most lucrative woodworking projects that sell.

If you’re considering it, there are lots of options to get you started, like the wine ‘tree,’ zigzagged wine rack, and this tabletop wine rack.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Racks for Coats

A coat rack serves as more than just a place to hang coats and jackets. If hung in a well-lit room, it may also be used to hang keys, purses, and even flower pots.

This tree branch rack, which is an eco-friendly reused design, comes in a variety of shapes and styles. Whether you want to build it simple or make it wall-mounted, they can all be sold for a profit.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Doormats made of wood

A hardwood doormat is a more environmentally friendly alternative than conventional rubber doormats. 

Personalize it as a housewarming present by adding a brush to ensure your shoes are especially clean. Working on this project requires many rounds of sanding, but your efforts will be rewarded when you sell it.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Dock Station for Phones and Tablets

A phone dock is an excellent piece of equipment for keeping your nightstand tidy and ensuring that your phone is charged.

It may be as simple as a device-only dock or as complex as an open design for storing necessities like vehicle keys, watches, and sunglasses. Even better, you can add a charging slot for tablets to make it more flexible.

You can easily sell phone docks for over $100 apiece and earn a profit, as shown below, due to the intricacy of the design and innovative arrangement.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Board for cutting and serving

Yes, you read it correctly.

A cutting or serving board is a high-value woodworking project since it’s constructed of hardwoods like maple and walnut, making it a long-lasting and sustainable kitchen equipment. 

You may make it into unusual forms, like this arch board, and provide personalized customization as a gift option.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Cat Tree

To guarantee their pet’s long-term health and safety, pet owners are always on the search for pet-friendly toys and equipment. A wooden cat tree does this by emulating the outdoors environment, which is often constructed of strong natural wood.

 This lucrative and sellable woodworking project may be modified to meet specific needs. You may play around with several cat condo designs or a traditional cat tree tower.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Planter Containers 

Do you want to spruce up your garden? Instead of individual vases, use planter boxes. Due of the increasing number of home gardeners, there is a strong demand for these garden displays. The greatest thing is that they are also suitable for use in apartments.

It comes in a variety of sizes and forms; smaller ones are ideal for tabletop décor succulents, while a geometric-shaped planter box offers plants a new, crisp appearance.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Shed for Garden Storage

A clean, well-organized room is a sight to see. Gardeners with strewn equipment and fertilizers should follow the same advice. What can you do to assist? 

Of course, by constructing a garden shed! It’s a big job that you can tackle piece by piece over the course of a week, but the end result is a well-functioning storage area that can be sold for a profit.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Murphy’s Bar is a place where you can

A murphy bar may be used for a variety of things, from storing liquor bottles to serving as an outdoor pantry. Having one at home is handy.

Building a murphy bar takes many hours over several days, similar to other large-scale woodworking projects, but it’s a lucrative job that you can do in your free time.

Article | Video | Tutorial

Projects for the Wood Lathe that Sell 

A wood lathe is a machine that turns wood to shape and create it. 

Any woodworking job that necessitates the use of a wood lathe is a highly profitable woodworking project that sells.

  1. Spoon Made of Wood

A wooden spoon is only one of the numerous kitchen items that may be fashioned on a wood lathe and sold for a profit. Because of the health advantages and the fact that wood is a sustainable choice, wooden utensils are chosen over plastic.

You may put this project on your to-do list.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Bat for baseball

The majority of baseball bats are constructed of high-quality wood, such as maple, which goes through a lengthy process of woodturning, sanding, staining, and (sometimes) dyeing.  

Baseball bats are one of the many lucrative woodworking projects that sell well due to these reasons.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Pincushions

If you’ve ever wondered why a wooden rolling pin is so heavy and costly, it’s because it’s made of high-quality wood and turned by hand. 

When baking pastries, wooden pegs are recommended since they are durable and simple to use.

The good news is that this is a project that is suitable for beginners. You should begin by learning how to spin a straight rolling pin before adding curves and grooves.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Honey Dipper

The honey dipper is another beginner-friendly wood lathe craft that you can master (and subsequently sell for a profit). It’s also simple to customize thanks to its straight hardwood grooves and simple holder. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

5. Fruit Salad

Fruit bowls are a classic addition to any household. A skillfully constructed bowl made of high-quality wood may sell for more than $50 each piece, whether it’s used as a fruit bowl or a salad serving bowl.

Article | Video | Tutorial

Woodworking Projects for Beginners

  1. BookEnds

Bookends are one of the first woodworking projects that you may simply pick up and sell as a novice. 

You may begin by simply gluing two pieces of wood together, then proceeding to shaping rounded corners and personalizing with engraving.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Birdhouse

To assemble a birdhouse, all you need is some wood (ideally untreated), a drill, and a few screws to hold the parts together.

You may stain the wood and add a splash of color with a coat of paint for a rustic appearance.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Sign made of wood

A wood sign is a simple and adaptable project. You may make it into a welcome sign, decorate it for a rustic wedding, or give it as a present for any occasion.

Wooden signs are one of the most popular woodworking projects due to their many applications.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Coasters 

Making coasters is simple, and selling them is even simpler. You might offer it as part of a set with a customized holder to add a touch of class.

Names and patterns may also be engraved, giving it a really sophisticated and customized present. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Bowling Alley (for Kids)

Have you run out of outdoor game ideas? Why not construct a bowling alley for a fast and enjoyable game of bowling?

After you’ve constructed the bowling alley, all you need now is a colorful bowling set and you’re ready to play! 

Article | Video | Tutorial

Woodworking Projects That Are Both Cool and Practical

Check out this list of additional money-making wood projects:

  1. Caddy for the bathtub

Learn how to construct a bathtub caddy to take your “me time” to the next level. This useful wood caddy is not only a great way to relax, but it’s also a great woodworking project that sells.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Table of the River

Switching out a coffee table for a river table is one way to completely change the ambiance of a living space. The tabletop has a gleaming, river-like appearance thanks to the epoxy resin and wood mix.

This creative woodworking project, in addition to being a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, may sell for over $1000, as seen below.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Cooler Container

A cooler box is something that every home needs in the summer. The strong hardwood construction keeps your cooler in place. This keeps your beverages ice cold, allowing you to enjoy summer fun outside, worry-free and refreshing!

Furthermore, this fantastic wood creation is very precious and lucrative. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Dividers for Drawers

Cleaning and arranging drawers seems to be a simple task, right? That is, until two days later, when an unusual sock suddenly disappears. Drawer dividers can in handy in this situation.

It’s a simple woodworking project that you may attempt. As a result, the divider inserts will fit best after you’ve determined the necessary sizes and dimensions for each drawer.  

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Frame for the bed

You may consider making bed frames as a lucrative woodworking hobby. For instance, this walnut bed frame set you back $580. Each bed frame is completely tailored to its individual mattress since no two beds are the same size.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Cart for the kitchen or bar

Kitchen carts may be used to showcase decorations or arrange items such as fragrances or plants to freshen up the interior décor in addition to storing and serving alcohol.

You could attempt building a kitchen cart since it’s a highly practical and functional woodworking project that sells. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Sectional Sofa in the Garden

Outdoor sectional may be the option for you if you’re searching for a difficult project. You can simply remove and replace the cushions on an outdoor couch to suit the season or weather. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Island in the kitchen

A kitchen island is one of the few wood projects that is both stylish and practical. 

Whether you construct it from the ground up or reuse an existing bookshelf, the end product will be spectacular.

There are many designs from which to choose. Both an open-shelf and a counter-style island provide flexibility and utility.  

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Stand for Dog Bowls

Did you know that dogs may have stiff necks as well? This issue can be solved by building a dog dish stand, which is a lucrative woodworking project.

Using a wooden stand to elevate their dog bowls may assist with this. Choose between a sleek simple design or a traditional, stool-sized stand, and change the stand’s height to fit your needs. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Stand for pour-over coffee

This wood project is perfect for anybody who fancies themselves a coffee aficionado.

 When making drip coffee, a pour-over coffee stand is very useful. It’s the ideal present for a coffee enthusiast. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Scraper for Boots

A wooden boot scraper is similar to a wooden doormat, with the exception of its purpose, which is to remove stubborn mud and grime off heavy-duty footwear.

For efficient boot cleaning and additional value to this wood craft, connect bristle brushes to one corner of the scraper.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Table with Fretwork

A wooden fretwork table is another popular woodworking project. Although constructing and assembling the table is simple, integrating the fretwork may be difficult, particularly if you haven’t used a fretsaw before.

With that in mind, starting with this project is a fantastic place to begin. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Infinity Calendar with Wooden Blocks

An infinity calendar (also known as a perpetual calendar) is a great present option for people who like unique items. 

It’s easy to create: just glue the wood parts that make up the calendar stand together, then personalize the wooden blocks with paint or marker pens.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Table that folds

Folding tables are often used for picnics at home and to serve additional food during parties. 

It’s even been known to be utilized to accommodate additional visitors, making it a highly useful piece of furniture.

This is one of several weekend wood projects that can be completed with a variety of design concepts in mind, including an adjustable folding kitchen table and a smaller folding table that serves as a work desk.

Article | Video | Tutorial

Seasonal Woodworking Projects/Gifts

Woodworking Projects That Sell

Woodworking projects that sell make great eco-friendly presents and reusable holiday decorations and accessories. 

  1. Ornaments for Christmas 

Why not add some wood decorations to your Christmas tree instead of the usual baubles? 

These decorations are simple to create since they can be cut into rings and fashioned into ornaments like wood slices. 

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Toys Made of Wood 

Wooden toys are excellent presents for any occasion. Jenga blocks, checkers, and puzzles are all classic examples.

Toys are one of the numerous wood crafts that sell well and are very simple to create, particularly larger-scale toys like the wooden ring throw. 

Article | Video | Plans and Ideas

  1. Box of Gifts 

A gift box is a common woodworking project, with personalized boxes that include a lock and key being the most popular choice. 

These boxes may be used again to store memories, valuables, and mementos.

Article | Video | Tutorial

  1. Easel for Art

If you know someone who enjoys painting and is continually improving their abilities, an art easel is likely to come in handy.

Customize the easel to be adjustable, making it extremely flexible in its functions, to make it an even greater present.

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  1. Pumpkin made of wood 

Wooden pumpkins are a greener option for fall and Halloween décor. For a variation, use the pumpkin shell as a serving dish and save the pumpkin for soup and pie.

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What Are the Best Places to Sell Your Woodworking Projects?

Woodworking Projects That Sell

Now that you’ve learned about the many woodworking projects that sell, here’s where you can sell them for a profit.


For indigenous craft companies, Etsy is the go-to platform for selling their wares. If you know what to market and how to grow your sales, there are lots of lucrative possibilities.

Craft Show in the United States

An online craft market where you may advertise your handmade woodworking products during their monthly event, which is completely online. 

What’s the greatest part? When you list your goods with them, there are no transaction costs.


Marketing your woodworking projects on your website is one of the most effective methods to sell them online.

This no-nonsense free tutorial will show you how to build up your company website step by step.

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows you to sell

I’m sure nearly everyone you know (and their friends, and their friends’ friends) is on Facebook, so selling your handcrafted goods on Facebook Marketplace is a no-brainer.

By offering your handmade goods on Facebook Marketplace, you may reach a large audience.


You probably already know this, but eBay is an excellent platform for selling a wide range of items, including furniture, clothing, food, and even woodworking projects.


Consider Craigslist while thinking about woodworking projects that sell if you want to promote your goods while remaining anonymous. 

Handmade on Amazon

Did you know that Amazon offers a section devoted to one-of-a-kind handcrafted items? You may now not only purchase things on Amazon, but also offer them for sale on the massive eCommerce site.

Unusual Goods

Uncommon Goods is a site similar to Etsy (but less crowded) where aspiring craftsmen can interact with consumers and sell their work from the comfort of their own homes.

Other Options for Selling Your Craft:

Courses in Woodworking to Assist You in Starting Your Own Woodworking Business

So you’ve been working hard and want to sell your woodworking creations and establish a company, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Here’s when classes come in handy. Here are some tools to assist and encourage you in taking that initial step.


YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning new skills for free. #ifitsfreeitsforme

If you search YouTube for the keyword “woodworking,” you’ll find hundreds of woodworking channels and videos covering the “how to” and “why” of woodworking. 

Here are a few to get you started:


Did you know that Udemy offers a free woodworking course?

This online course will teach you the equipment you’ll need and how to make tiny woodworking items that sell if you join up. It’s beginner-friendly and ideal for individuals who want to try their hand at woodworking.

On Udemy, you may find a variety of different woodworking courses:

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money with Woodworking Projects

There you have it: a plethora of woodworking project ideas that will sell and earn you money. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned carpenter, there’s always space for new ideas and inspiration.

If you’ve discovered what you’re searching for, it’s probably time to go to work on that piece of timber that’s been gathering dust in the garage. Who knows, you may be able to convert it into an article that will add some flair to your (or someone else’s) home décor.

The handmade wood products that sell are a guide to 75 different woodworking projects. They include ideas for beginning, intermediate and advanced woodworkers.

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