Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have died in service to their country. It’s a time to honor the men and women who gave their lives to preserve freedom, peace, and justice.

The holidays are upon us and the time for back to school shopping is just around the corner. Your local mall or big box store will be putting up their ugly green and red ads, trying to scare you into buying that new TV, new tablet, camera, laptop, or computer. It’s the same thing they’ve been doing every year since I was a kid. It makes me wonder if they are doing this just for the money. If they are, I hope they are enjoying it.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see sales on Memorial Day. And while we’d like to celebrate with a flag, a barbecue, and an ice-cold beer, we can’t help but feel a little bit of sorrow for the men and women who have died serving our country. And we also can’t help but be a little bit confused.

Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May, marks the unofficial beginning of summer in the United States. Although the holiday has been an official American holiday since 1968, it has been celebrated on a smaller scale across the country since the Civil War. (Interesting fact: Waterloo, NY, is considered the birthplace of Memorial Day, where the celebration was documented as early as 1866). The real purpose of Memorial Day is actually sinister: It’s about honoring those who died in service to the U.S. Armed Forces. While some of us commemorate the fallen on Memorial Day, many Americans see the holiday as a three-day weekend to blow off steam. You’ve probably spent Memorial Days with your family, having barbecues, outdoor adventures and (of course) shopping. Find out why America goes crazy for Memorial Day sales and how to find the best deals. word-image-6077

Why is Memorial Day a commercial event?

The commercialization of Memorial Day always bothered me as an Army brat, especially since the holiday is dedicated to honoring fallen soldiers. How did this macabre festival become synonymous with barbecuing and selling? It depends on several factors, such as. B. :

  • Warmer weather: In late May, Texas was hit by a scorching heat wave. In many parts of the country, summer unofficially begins on Memorial Day. As the weather gets warmer, people are eager to get outside and buy something.
  • Absenteeism: If you’ve ever taken advantage of a three-day weekend to buy appliances, mattresses or other expensive items, you’re definitely not the only one. Most office workers have a three-day weekend on Memorial Day. Of course, the stores are open, which means more shoppers will want to use their extra day off to shop.
  • Moving Season: 80% of moves in the U.S. take place between April and September. Memorial Day sales give people a chance to complete their new home with furniture and appliances. That’s why there are so many mattresses, appliances and furniture for sale on Memorial Day.
  • Tradition: Frankly, at this point, there’s no going back. For more than 50 years, we’ve celebrated Memorial Day with sales, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Either way, retailers use Memorial Day as an excuse to attract more customers when they are in the mood to buy. Most stores begin their Memorial Day sales two weeks before the actual holiday. So if you are planning to spend your three-day family weekend at the campground, don’t worry. You can always take advantage of this early sale. Also look for deals online and in stores. Some retailers are only offering online discounts, which in the midst of a pandemic is a good thing anyway. word-image-6078

What not to buy on Memorial Day sale

Most Memorial Day sales cause price drops in several categories, but some sales are not worth it. Retailers often create the illusion that certain offers are the best all year round, but in reality some items are best bought at the end of the year. The best way to know if a particular item is a good deal is to track its price over time. Tools like Honey do the work for you, so you can make sure you get a good deal when you sell online. If you shop in person and can’t check the historical price of an item, don’t worry. Just know which categories of merchandise are not a good deal on Memorial Day. This includes:

  • Electronics: You may see HP or Dell computers on sale, but sales are much better during Black Friday. Right now, you’re lucky if you get 10% off electronics; Black Friday discounts are usually in the 50-70% range.
  • Swimwear: Yes, you may need a swimsuit for the summer, but Memorial Day is not the best time to stock up. Most retailers offer swimwear for sale in July or August.
  • Summer clothes: Summer style is in, but Memorial Day is not the best time to buy summer clothes. You can get better deals during the back-to-school buying season in August or September.

Of course, if you really need a bathing suit, go ahead! But Memorial Day is definitely not the best time to stock up on these items if you want to get an insane deal.

The best items on sale for Memorial Day

Are you ready to save money? Memorial Day sales usually mean you can find big discounts on great items. But don’t let the salespeople fool you: Never spend more money than you can afford. Retailers offer sales to entice you to spend more money, so approach Memorial Day sales wisely! With that in mind, here are 5 items you should buy during the Memorial Day sale:

  • Mattresses: Is it time to upgrade your mattress? Stop by Mattress Firm or another mattress store on Memorial Day for a great discount. It’s not uncommon to find 50% off, as well as king for queen prices or item bundles. We once bought a mattress on Memorial Day and it came with sheets, pillows and a frame. So if you want to take advantage of extra benefits and discounts, Memorial Day is the perfect time to buy a mattress.
  • Outdoor articles: Warm weather means more people are grilling, gardening and doing chores. That’s why vendors drop prices on outdoor furniture, camping gear, bicycles, camping equipment and more on Memorial Day. If you’re looking to tidy up your home or get ready for summer, buy the appliances you need at a steep discount this weekend.
  • Large appliances: Remember when most people move between April and September? That’s why retailers give discounts on major appliances on Memorial Day. During the Memorial Day sale, you can save up to 40% on refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers. If you are a member of Sam’s Club or Costco, look there first. I recently bought a $1,200 refrigerator at Costco that cost $2,000 elsewhere. Sometimes retailers, like B. Best Buy, will give you a better deal if you buy more than one item at a time.
  • Small appliances: Don’t you need a fridge now? Don’t worry about it. Small appliances will also be on sale during Memorial Day weekend. Upgrade your blender or coffee maker with 30-60% off.
  • Tools: It’s time to get crafty, baby! Home Depot, Lowe’s and other hardware stores are offering great deals on tools this Memorial Day. Save up to 70% on drills, saws, nail guns and more. P.S. Father’s Day is in June, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade your dad’s toolbox for little money.


Memorial Day is an important weekend for consumer spending. More than 74 million Americans are participating in the Memorial Day sale, spending $36 billion in the process. And while this holiday is dedicated to fallen military heroes, it also means a big sale at most stores. You can make the most of your money by getting deals on items like. B. :

  • Electronics
  • Swimsuits
  • Summer clothes

If you’re looking for the best deal, look for items like :

  • Mattress
  • Outdoor articles
  • Devices
  • Tools

Do your research ahead of time. Check each seller’s sale lists, emails and social media promotions to see what’s on sale. A little research can help you get the best deal for Memorial Day. Shop till you drop on Memorial Day, but don’t let the hustle and bustle of the sale overshadow the true meaning of the holiday. Barbecues, family reunions and Memorial Day sales are only possible through self-sacrifice. Be sure to attend the national memorial service at 3pm. You can also do your part by supporting the families of fallen soldiers through the Gold Star Families program.

Read more:

word-image-16940Maybe it’s time to end the Memorial Day tradition of sales and coupons—and instead honor those who paid the ultimate price for freedom, and those who continue to defend it today.. Read more about memorial day sales 2020 best buy and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there good sales on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer, and as such, people are busy planning their summer vacations and spending money on travel, shopping, and whatever else they enjoy over the summer. This weekend is the start of another major holiday, and whether you celebrate the holiday or not, it’s important to understand how much spending occurs on Memorial Day, so that you can plan accordingly. Memorial Day is a federal holiday, but that doesn’t stop companies from using that as an excuse to do their sales. Here at Follow the Money, we’ve noticed companies are one of the few places that still use the holiday to sell their products, rather than for the same reason as the United States as a whole. So why are there so many sales this year?

What is usually on sale on Memorial Day?

Do you love going to Memorial Day sales? Yes? No? Yes, but also No? Or would you rather you never had to go to the sales? The truth is, there are more Memorial Day sales than you think. Although Memorial Day is meant to honor those who perished in the wars of the United States, the holiday—which is set for the third weekend of May—is widely celebrated with sales everywhere from Walmart to Target to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Memorial Day is a great time to take advantage of the deals that are offered. This is because large retailers are working to get rid of unsold inventory before the summer season begins. In fact, there are many stores that will go beyond just having a sale—they will even close their doors completely.

Is Memorial Day a good time to buy furniture?

Memorial Day is a holiday that honors those who died while serving our country in military service. It’s also a day that marks the unofficial start of summer, and that means any store selling furniture will be selling off used items in order to make room for new stuff. If you’re looking to buy a new mattress, desk, or couch, this is the best time to do it. Most people don’t think much about Memorial Day, which is a shame because it’s a great time to buy furniture. The weather is nice, and you can find many sales. … But there is a catch, and it’s a big one: Memorial Day is one of the few times of the year that furniture retailers are allowed to charge sales tax. That means that furniture prices can be higher than they would be if you bought the same items at any other time of the year.

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