In some ways, it’s easier to make a budget with your spouse than it is on your own. The two of you are on the same page, and you share a common

Whether you’re single or married, having a budget — or at least the idea of a budget — can be an important way to take control of your finances. Couples that share the same priority of saving money can work together to get their money under control, but it may take a little convincing to get your other half on board. When it comes time to talking to your partner about money, you want to put your best foot forward.

This article may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy. This message is from our regular employee Angelica. Money is a universal subject that has many definitions. For some, money is simply a tool to live their daily lives, while for others it represents dreams and goals that need to be achieved. Each of us decides what money means to us. Our unique personality and life circumstances determine how we view money and what we want to do with it. It is these differences that can cause discord in a marriage when it comes to finances. A survey found that 48% of American couples argue about their finances. That’s almost half! The conflict stems from the fact that you view money differently, which can definitely hurt your relationship. One way that can be of great help to financially conflicted couples in resolving this issue is budgeting. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of money-related conflicts and an opportunity to build a solid financial foundation together. It’s also no secret: it’s much easier to achieve goals together when both partners agree on a budget and stick to it. So how do you tackle budgeting with a skeptical partner? Here are some good strategies to help you and your spouse create a budget plan and finally find common ground.

Take them to a budget meeting

Even though it’s a difficult topic, there’s no reason why talking about the budget can’t be a positive experience. Invite your spouse somewhere that is convenient and comfortable for both of you to discuss your finances. It’s also a good way to show your spouse that the budget doesn’t have to be strict and that entertainment can be included if it’s important to him. Fun activities are a great way to reward yourself for your commitment to housework, and it will help your spouse see the benefits. Some ideas for outings on a limited budget: – Walking – Ice skating – Roller skating – Going to the cinema – Bowling – Sitting in a pub – Cycling – Open evening for comedy or karaoke – Drawing evening Showing your spouse that budgeting can be fun will help him or her have a positive connection to budgeting. Related: 30 frugal ways to spoil your spouse (+30 budget date ideas)

Emphasize the benefits of budgeting with your spouse

When you begin the conversation with your spouse, discuss some of the benefits of budgeting:

  • Feel secure in your control over your money
  • Eliminate debts and avoid new ones
  • The opportunity to work in the direction of your dreams
  • Create a stable financial basis for your family
  • Open other doors of opportunity
  • acquisition of complementary knowledge on finance in general
  • Creating order and tidiness in spending and saving
  • Open a communication channel for both of you
  • Get you focused and aware of your money goals and habits.

You can also identify key areas where you can save money and give a practical example of how this will benefit you. Having positives can help your spouse understand that this is a good way to move forward in your financial journey. Similarly: How my husband and I paid off $14,354.81 in debt this year 12 fuel-efficient tips to save thousands

Doing an effective job

Now comes the best part: dreams and goals! Discussing your future and big dreams can be fun and rewarding for both of you, and it strengthens your bond as you decide what’s really important in your lives together. It’s also a great opportunity for each of you to share your personal thoughts about your relationship with money. When you talk to your spouse, be honest and open about your personal goals, your attitude toward money, and why budgeting is important to you.  Then ask your spouse to give his or her opinion on the matter.  Then discuss your mutual financial goals, both short and long term. A thorough conversation will give you a full picture of your partner’s concerns, fears and dreams. This will help you deepen your bond and lay the foundation for growth in your financial relationship. It also shows why budgeting is a useful tool for achieving your shared life goals, and helps you with budgeting, which can be emotionally and psychologically challenging. Get ideas during the conversation, take notes and go over them together during each budget meeting to make sure you’re on the right track.

Work on and develop your budget

Once you both have an idea of your dreams and goals, it’s time to think about what changes you can make to your budget. By focusing on your goals, you can make the right decisions together. One way to do this is to establish monthly distributions. This opens up a new avenue of confidence and freedom, so you don’t have to control all your spending. For example, give each person $150 to spend on whatever they want, no questions asked. So if someone wants to spend more, they can do so without feeling restricted. The number you set for each person should be discussed and agreed upon by everyone so that you are on the same page. Another good idea is to earn more money on the side! You can do it together or separately. This is a great way to increase the flow of money in your budget and create more opportunities to spend in relationships, bypassing the guilt. Here are some good ideas for a part-time job: Home Dog Bakery – This is a great side income in a growing industry. Virtual assistant – Another booming sector. Even if you have no experience, you can tackle this side income as a beginner. Freelance Writing – This is a great way to earn extra money, and freelance writers are always in demand! E-Printables – If you love those awesome downloadable prints you get from Etsy shops, you can easily make your own and make money! Take surveys – Earn gift cards and money by taking online surveys. And there are also 80+ ideas you can find here if you need more part-time options.

Bring in consultant

Bringing in a financial professional can add a deeper layer to your support budgets, and sometimes that level of expertise can help your partner feel more at ease. If visiting an expert in person isn’t possible, taking an online course like The Love Your Budget Course is a great way to show your spouse why a budget is a good idea. This is a fantastic, comprehensive option that will help you both learn the art of budgeting in a fun, interactive and relaxed environment – in your own home. Associated: Learn how to better manage your budget and financially align with your spouse word-image-9614

Give example

The husband’s not on board yet? Another good way to get your reluctant spouse involved in budgeting is to set a budget for yourself and stick to it daily. If you stick to your budget and still enjoy life, your spouse will see that budgets don’t have to be hard to stick to and manage, and they don’t have to take away from your enjoyment of life. In addition, your spouse will see that money can be used in a variety of ways, and that deciding for yourself how to use it gives you power. Remember, sometimes it’s more effective to show than tell to get on the same page of the budget. Here are some other useful tips:

  • Talk to us as a team. You want your spouse to feel included in all aspects, and if your perspective is one of unity, the ups and downs of household and life, he/she will be more receptive.
  • Reassure them that it may not always be easy, but that it is possible to achieve your goals on a budget that you both agree on.
  • Find free online budgeting tools and apps to make the process even easier and more interactive.

Are you ready to get serious about budgeting and getting your finances back under control? Read the Love Your Budget course and you can finally stop worrying about money and live on your terms. 1С8 word-image-9615


Budgeting with your spouse has many benefits, and while it may be difficult to get them to agree, the tips above will help them understand the key points of working on finances together with a budget. How did you involve your spouse in budgeting? How long have you been successfully managing a shared budget?

Stop worrying about money and take back control

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my spouse on board with a budget?

“Have you ever tried to make a budget with your spouse? If so, you probably know that getting them on board with one can be a challenge. Why? Because when we have a tight grip on our money, it’s hard to make compromises—especially when it’s with the person we love. But a budget can help you achieve your shared goals, which you may not be able to do otherwise. So how can you make a budget work when you and your spouse are in agreement? By following these steps.” The truth is, we all have a natural tendency to spend more money than we have. Financial experts recommend you create a personal budget to help you track your income and spending, set a savings goal, and live within your means. But how do you get the rest of your family to participate in your new budget-busting lifestyle?

How do you get on the same page financially with your spouse?

When you think about it, it’s a pretty big deal to share your finances with your significant other. After all, you’re not just pulling out your wallet to buy a new pair of shoes or pay your phone bill anymore – you’re looking at your bank statements together, and you’re talking about the value of your investments, and you’re deciding what to spend your money on for the next vacation. But despite the fact that you’ve both agreed to be in this together, it can be hard to find a good way to talk about money with your spouse. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a perfect system that works for everyone – every marriage and every couple is different. But here are a couple of things to keep in mind when It’s a challenge to find a balance between what your partner wants and what you want. You can’t always have it your way, but you really want to have a way to communicate with your spouse, especially when it comes to finances and bills. When you try and explain the importance of finances to your spouse, it can be hard to see eye-to-eye. This is why it’s so key for you to find a way to talk about money with your partner. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Calls for Submissions

How can I budget with my wife?

You and your spouse are having some marital troubles, but the real issue is that you can’t agree on how to save money. You want to save money, but your spouse doesn’t. The conversations about money can become ugly quickly and soon you find yourselves arguing about everything from why you should pay for your own gas to why you can’t buy a new HDTV now, but have to wait until after the holidays. Budgeting with your spouse can be challenging; even if you both agree on how to spend, saving money is a whole other story. However, budgeting goes beyond just making a plan for how to save and spend your money; it involves communicating your financial goals and values to your partner. Once you can successfully do that, you can create a budget that works for both of you. First, you need to put your feelings aside and make sure you are on the same page as your spouse. Then, you need to figure out what your financial goals are, such as how much debt you want to pay off, how much you want to spend on retirement, how much you want to save up for the kids’ college education, etc.


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