The year is 2021, and you are standing on line at the bank, about to deposit $5,000 into your account. The teller informs you that you don’t need to fill out any paperwork, or set up an account, or wait for a check to clear—all you have to do is provide her with a valid email address. “There’s a catch, right?” you ask. “There’s always a catch,” she replies. “The money you receive will come in the form of a gift card for a shopping site—you’ll receive an email with a link to redeem it.” You shrug and hand her your phone, and she types

Top up your PayPal account for free and get free Paypal money! There are many ways to do this, often without you even having to spend an extra cent. Here, we’ll discuss 12 of the best, and show you how to get free Paypal money fast!

I was in the market for some new sunglasses, and I’d found the perfect pair on Amazon for around $20. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the cash to buy them with. I did, however, have some extra Paypal credit that I’d gotten from using the service to buy stuff online. As a result, I decided to buy the sunglasses with my Paypal balance and then give the extra $20 to a friend of mine. I took a picture of the sunglasses, added a caption that read, “So I bought these sunglasses on Amazon with my PayPal balance, and gave my friend $20 for free!” and posted the picture on Facebook. To my surprise, a few hours later, I received a notification from Pay

So you want free money from Paypal? Let me burst the bubble and be completely honest! There is no such thing as totally free money from PayPal. In fact, nothing can give you free money online. If you want to make money, you have to do something! There are many websites that allow you to redeem your PayPal account by simply performing small tasks such as filling out a survey, watching videos, playing online games, etc. And today I’m going to tell you which sites offer which type of work, tips from my experience and how much you can earn on these sites. Disclaimer:Most of the sites below can never make you rich or even replace your daily work! They can only give you a few extra dollars a month. I also added a bonus for you at the end of the explanation of the websites.

Free money Paypal (10 sites where you can get it)

Here are 10 sites you can join to get free money from Paypal,

Survey Junkie

word-image-3079 word-image-3080 Tasks to be carried out: Surveys How you get paid PayPal Minimum cash payment: 10,000 bonus points ($10) Taking surveys is the closest thing to earning free money and depositing it into your PayPal account. As I said, this is a task that requires no skill! A PC or mobile phone with internet access is sufficient. There are many websites that allow you to take surveys, and Survey Junkie is one of the top rated in this area. I’ll tell you what the surveys are for that these sites ask you to fill out. Surveys are a type of consumer report that relates to a category of products or services offered by a company. These companies want to know the opinions of people who are demographically close to their ideal consumers. So, if you meet these criteria, you can make good money by taking surveys. Becoming a Survey Junkie member is easy. You will be asked to answer a few questions about your demographics. Some of your answers may lead you to another related question, and so on. Anyway, once you have everything set up and are ready to take the surveys, the next step is to see how many bonus points you will earn. Yes, you get bonus points for each completed survey, and the value of these points is approximately $0.01 per bonus point. In order for the money you’ve earned to be paid into your PayPal account, you must cross the 10,000 point threshold (which is equivalent to $10). If you have finally decided to make money with PayPal through surveys, you need to develop a strategy to maximize your earnings. Although little effort is required, your time is of the utmost importance. To this end, I tested several survey sites and completed different types of surveys. Good to know: (In this section of each method, I generally share the strategy you should use to maximize your earnings on that platform. as well as what you should probably avoid, etc.)

  • Try to find surveys that score the most points and take the least time to complete.
  • Learn how to fill out demographic information correctly. Websites pay a lot of money for surveys that are completed by the people closest to their customers. If you get along well, you will get the most out of your studies.
  • Add different websites to your list to get the most profitable online surveys.
  • Enable notifications on your mobile phone when you post a new survey on a website.

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2. Swagbucks

word-image-3081 word-image-3082 Tasks to be carried out: Many tasks (I have listed some here). How you get paid PayPal, gift vouchers Minimum cash payment: Of course, there is no minimum amount, while most gift cards are worth 300 SBs. (Swagbucks) Swagbucks is by far the most visited coupon site in 2019-2020. If you are looking for easy money on PayPal, it offers many easy jobs, and I list them here:

  • You can participate in several studies
  • Show video
  • Web Search
  • Online shopping via the Swagbucks portal
  • Playing games online

These are just a few of the tasks available on Swagbucks, but they are generally the most common and easiest to accomplish. Once you’ve earned $5 with Swagbucks, simply transfer the money to your PayPal account. If you’re wondering how much you can make or if you should start making money full-time with Swagbucks or if you should leave it as a side hustle, I recommend not thinking that way. That’s why I’m saying this: I tried to make money with this site myself, but I ended up putting in a lot of time and not getting much money. So I suggest that you maintain the way you generate income daily and spend time on this site that would otherwise go to waste. Good to know: Even if you don’t make it a regular activity, you can tempt yourself to spend much more time on it than usual if you’re a beginner. So the money earned may not be justified. This too may be beyond your control, but don’t worry because there is a simple solution to this problem. Once you get started, try to be strategic about which tasks will accomplish more for less time. The website also helps you manage your work efficiently as you can check your milestones in about a month. Once you reach these numbers, move on to the next step: payment. (everyone’s favorite) It can take up to 10 days for the money to be paid out after you transfer it to your PayPal account. Join Swagbucks now! Read also: 20 ways to make money without working

3. Incoming dollars

word-image-3083 word-image-3084 Tasks to be carried out: Surveys, online games, watching videos, searching the internet, etc. How you get paid PayPal deposit, gift certificates, paper check Minimum cash payment: $30 The dollar is in the name of this website, and it’s also what you get for free on your PayPal account when you first sign up on this site. It offers a $5 sign-up bonus. Well, um… ! Again, there are several tasks to accomplish. So what makes this site different from others? Read on to find out more. There is a company that runs both Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks. Perhaps that’s why these sites offer nearly identical tasks to complete. As for the main differences between the two systems, Inbox Dollars is simple and easy to use, while Swagbucks goes into more detail and offers a wider range of management of your website activity. You can also see how much money – in dollars, not points – you earn when you work with Inbox Dollars. Good to know: This site pays out money in the form of virtual scratch cards if you complete tasks other than filling out surveys. These cards are usually very cheap. So it can be a good idea to take surveys and optimize your time accordingly. This site has one more small problem that should not be ignored. It deactivates your account if you have not logged in for about 10 days. This can be critical and you need to be a little more proactive in maintaining your account. Finally, this site can take up to 16 days to pay out the money, which is slightly longer than Swagbucks. Join Inbox Dollars now! Read also: 14 ways to make money at school

4. Ibotta

word-image-3085 word-image-3086 Tasks to be carried out: Make you pay for your purchases How you get paid PayPal deposit, gift vouchers Minimum cash payment: $20 If you read the name of the page over and over again, you’ll feel like you’re talking: I did. And that’s what you need to do to make money for your PayPal account. (Our goal today is to feed PayPal as many dollars as possible). All you have to do is make your purchases, show your receipt by uploading it to the app, and get cashback on verified offers. You can also save yourself the trouble of downloading a receipt by simply adding your shopping card. However, this app has made online shopping a little more interesting by dividing the tasks into four types. Let’s take a look at each of them:

  • Download a receipt: Check out the different offers for different items on ibotta, your retailer’s offers and get paid by downloading a receipt.
  • Buy online: Make your purchases through the app and you don’t even have to download your receipt. This works better.
  • Add your accounts/loyalty cards: If you have a grocery card that you received as part of a loyalty program, you can link it to the ibotta app and get double benefits. Earn Ibotta points and loyalty points at the same time.
  • Enter your debit/credit card to pay with Ibotta: This is another way to receive rewards automatically through the app. Just add your credit or debit card and pay online with ibotta. This way you will be rewarded for every purchase.


  • This site offers a sign-up bonus of up to $20.
  • You earn more if you take advantage of the offers available in the app. So if you use this app, try to shop in a way that maximizes your benefits.
  • You can earn teamwork bonuses by linking your Facebook account to the app.
  • You should take the opportunity to add loyalty cards, as this will give you an income stream from two sources at once.
  • Always check that a product offer is included in the application. That way, you’ll make money even if you only have to buy bread and eggs for breakfast.
  • You don’t necessarily prefer gift cards when you can redeem your points for PayPal money. Everyone likes cash, so you must be the only one.

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5. Rakuten

word-image-3087 word-image-3088 Tasks to be carried out: Refunds for online purchases How you get paid PayPal deposit, paper check Minimum cash payment: $5.01 It is not a cashback site like the others, but it is considered the best in this category.  It offers a high cashback percentage (up to 40% of the amount purchased). You can make a lot of money and it’s not a scam. What’s the best part about it if you’re already registered with ibotta? It’s more efficient to use because you don’t have to worry about purchase receipts. There are two ways to do this application:

  • Shop online at their portal and earn points. Later, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account as usual.
  • You don’t want to check Rakuten every time you want to shop! You can download their extension and install it in your browser. That way, you can keep track of everything you buy online. You are unlikely to miss the opportunity to get money back this way.

Good to know: This application works as an online repository for different types of coupons. So, if you have a few sites/extensions for automatically tracking coupons, you can save a lot of coupons. Also, try to come back regularly for different Rakuten offers so you don’t miss anything special, like double cashback or great coupons. A word of caution: If you want to get your money in a short time, Rakuten may not be the best option in this case. It offers a PayPal deposit after a quarter when you redeem your points. This means that payments have to wait three months.

6. RebelPrice

Tasks to be carried out: Polls, video watching, games, small tasks, registration of foreign users How you get paid PayPal deposit, gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Apple/iTunes). Minimum cash payment: $2 Another site for answering surveys, but with a twist. It just keeps you engaged better than other survey sites. This is due to the different levels PrizeRebel offers to its users. In that sense, it’s more like a game where you involuntarily keep going to the next level. Which is more interesting here: With each new level you reach, you get more and more rewards, which simply means more PayPal money in less time. Let’s look at the levels:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Turntable
  5. Diamond

By increasing your motivation, you can earn even more by referring others to the site. The recommendation system on this site is also much better than on other sites. You can earn up to 30% of the money from your referral. And those commissions will stay if the people you attract continue to work on the site. Sights: No such explanation is necessary here, as you can easily guess the following points:

  • As you level up and climb higher, you get more money. So you should aim for at least gold to make good use of your time.
  • Daily goals can earn you extra points, so don’t neglect them.
  • Try to make the most of the referral program, as it becomes profitable once you have brought some friends to join this site.
  • The tiered system also offers advantages if you want to repay your money quickly. Say you are a GOLD user, you will receive money in your PayPal account in just 10 minutes, while other lower level users will have to wait up to 24 hours.

7. Dosh

Tasks to be carried out: Refunds for online purchases How you get paid PayPal deposit, direct bank deposit, charity Minimum cash payment: $25 With this app, you earn money by doing nothing but normal shopping. YES! No extra effort. This is the coolest cashback application because it works completely in the background. Simply enter your debit or credit card and you can continue to shop at your favorite stores, restaurants, etc. Dosh determines if the shop you visit is on the merchant list. If so, the application will automatically track your purchases and send you cashback. The reward (cashback) can be as high as 10%, which is actually a great deal. Besides the usual recording options, Dosh also offers you the opportunity to contribute your funds to charity. Sights: If your credit or debit card already offers cashback rewards, you can earn twice as much with this app when you add it to your shopping program.

8. My points

Tasks to be carried out: Play games, watch videos, use coupons, sign up for third party sites, get your money back. How you get paid PayPal deposit, gift vouchers Minimum cash payment: $5 The history of this app is similar to Swagbucks in that it started as a survey site and expanded to many small tasks. As usual, these tasks do not require much effort and you can use your free time to earn extra money. The special thing about My Points is that the tasks are the same as on other sites/apps !!!!. You can set your own monthly bonus point target. You can manage your time in the app by completing a goal or choose to complete five tasks per day. With both, you can earn money that you can easily transfer to your PayPal account. Sights: The rewards you earn from My Points are not so important that you waste your time on them. So, as always, use the free minutes. Secondly, the list of events allows you to participate in most of them. However, based on my personal experience, you should only look for those that can get you more points in less time. If you make a purchase totaling $20 from a My Points seller in the first month, you can receive an additional $10 amazon gift card.

9. Pine cone survey

Tasks to be carried out: Surveys How you get paid PayPal deposit, cheque Minimum cash payment: No minimum. Another unique type of website that offers you to participate in surveys. Pinecone is a purely research-based company that focuses more on user surveys and product reviews, unlike other sites. Since the companies affiliated with this site want to get reliable reviews, they even send their products to the users through this site. When you receive a product from Pinecone, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire after using the product for a certain number of days. The company you will be using the product from may also ask you to keep the product after you use it for research purposes, which just amounts to free products. However, this site also has a drawback. Sights: You cannot register for a Pinecone trial whenever you want. This page is only accepting new users if it is open for new registrations. So keep checking out the offers to take advantage of the opportunity, because it’s worth it. More importantly, surveys are paid better on average than on other sites. (Normally, the survey yields $3 in bonus point equivalents).

10. Operator test

Tasks to be carried out: Testing of websites, applications or software How you get paid PayPal deposit, Minimum cash payment: No minimum. If you like to test things often and are good with all the details, some companies are looking for you. They have developed a website, application or software that they want to test on real people. This method requires more effort than the methods I have presented so far, but is also more cost effective than any other site. For this purpose, the site Usertest is used, which is associated with many companies. All you need to do is go to the website and give the company verbal feedback on the usability of their product, ease of use, etc. Sights:

  • To make the most money, you need to have a high level of English language skills.
  • If you are from a relatively densely populated area of the United States, you will likely have more opportunities to test products.
  • Being a technician is also an advantage.

11. Rover

Tasks to be carried out: Pet sitting How you get paid PayPal deposit, cheque Minimum cash payment: There is no minimum amount, because you determine your own compensation. If you like to walk pets, especially dogs, you can do so to make money. It’s more of a part-time pet. But I included this job in my list because it doesn’t look like a traditional job at all and you can make money in an interesting way with PayPal. Rover is a website where people post such jobs, and you can find dog-sitting opportunities in your area by browsing this site. Plus, he pays a very solid amount here. (Probably better than most of the methods we’ve discussed today. You decide – budget the money you want to make. You can adjust your rates to attract a client and work the way you want. Here is a list of the exact services you can offer

  • Care of dogs
  • Day care for pets
  • Walking the dog
  • On-site visit to your client
  • Housing of pets in your home or in the home of your client
  • Care of dogs

Sights: Like Uber, you get a rating for the quality of service you provide. If you can maintain a positive review, you are more likely to get a good customer. Another way is through word of mouth from customers. Your customers will recommend you to other customers because of the quality of your services. Be friendly with them to earn more money for your PayPal account.

12. ReceivedHOG

Tasks to be carried out: Cashback on purchases Method of payment: PayPal deposit, Minimum cash payment: $5 This is another great app that pays you cash once you submit your receipts to the app. You have to take a picture of your receipts through the app and maybe answer a few questions about your purchases.

Interesting facts:

This is where you might wonder why I added another site when we’ve already discussed several sites and apps that offer the same tasks. It’s simple:

  • It’s easy to do.
  • You can even triple your purchase income if you work on two or three (or even more) websites at once. If you earn money points with Ibotta, why not earn even more by adding points from Receipt Hog and a few others.

Completion: Make your action plan

Now that you’ve looked at all the methods you can use to make free PayPal money (PayPal money with minimal effort), it’s time to make an action plan to start making money right away. I usually suggest that beginners take everything that is useful from a guide or article and put what they have learned into practice. The ball is in your court. Make a list of all tasks and their corresponding websites. Test if you can do the same category of tasks on different websites, and see which one takes you the least time. This will allow specific areas to be selected for individual tasks and a final work plan to be developed. For example, you can choose surveys from Pinecone Research and Swagbucks, website testing through user testing, etc. Once you start making money, don’t forget to give us your feedback. I would also like to know if you can suggest another way to get free money for a PayPal deposit.If you’re like most people, you’ve probably always dreamed of finding a way to make a free Paypal money by simply clicking a button. Paypal is pretty much the most popular and widely used online payment system. With a user base of almost 1 billion, Paypal is the number one way to transfer money online. It’s also the most secure way to make payments online; Paypal is well known for its security and is trusted by millions of people every day.. Read more about free $5 paypal instantly 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get free PayPal money 2021?

Getting money from your credit card company or PayPal account might seem like a big hassle. But it doesn’t have to be! The truth is that if you know what you’re doing, you can get free Paypal money in 2021. And the best part is, the following methods are totally free. So what are you waiting for? Start getting free PayPal money right away! “FollowTheMoneyProject” has become synonymous with “free paypal money” in the last 12 months. It is our goal to help you get as much free money as possible from the internet. In 2021, we will be offering free money from the internet.

How can I get money from PayPal instantly?

The PayPal website boasts that it has over 100 million users around the globe. That means that there are hundreds of millions of people who have access to a money transfer service that is completely free to use. And while there are some costs involved with its use, such as those that come with transferring money from a bank account into a PayPal account, there are ways to still get money from PayPal instantly. PayPal is an online money transfer service that became one of the most popular ways to send and receive money on the internet. It was originally designed to make internet payments, but with the rise of other online payment methods like Payoneer, PayPal is no longer the easiest way to transfer money on the internet. Because it is a huge player in the online payment industry, PayPal can be quite useful when it comes to making money online.

How can I get $10 fast on PayPal?

PayPal is the most popular way to send and receive online payments today. It’s a secure and free way to send money to friends, accept payments on your website, and move money between accounts. With PayPal, you can pay, get paid, and withdraw money from your bank account all with money, making it easy to both manage your expenses and send and receive money. (C) 2018 CloudQuant LLC Most people have heard about PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, then it is really easy and fast to create one. PayPal is a global payment service that allows you to send and receive money online and is a popular way to pay for stuff online. You can even use your PayPal balance to shop at many of your favorite stores. Even a $10 PayPal money card is a great gift idea for a birthday or a holiday.

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