Understanding how to make extra money can be a real struggle for many people. In a society that rewards hard work and dedication, it can seem like an uphill battle to find ways to make extra cash. However, it is possible. Here are some great ways you can make extra cash.

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra cash, consider starting your own side hustle. Side hustles are a great way to earn extra cash without leaving the workforce, and you might even be able to turn it into a full-time job. Your earning potential ranges from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand, depending on your skill set and how much time you put into it. There’s no one way to make extra cash, so we’ve rounded up some ideas to get you started.

There are many ways to make extra money. You can find a second job, freelance, or even ask for some overtime from your employer. However, you can make money by just thinking about money. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications, and you can start right away. You can make extra money by answering surveys online, following people on social media, and even shopping online.

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Do you want to earn extra money?

Textbooks are a necessity for every student, but there is a big problem….. They can be very expensive. The average cost of textbooks is $1,000 per year. That’s where our textbook buyback review on amazon comes in. Instead of gathering dust on your shelf, let’s see how you can get your money back with an Amazon textbook buyback. While you may not always be able to return the full amount or all of the textbooks, this is a great way to get at least some of the money back. You may still have questions, so let’s take a look at the most important things to consider when returning textbooks through amazon.

Should I be worried?

Although there are advantages to selling textbooks on Amazon, such as. B. Return the money, help others and make room for something else in your room. There are also some difficulties that can make the experience less enjoyable. The first major drawback is that it can take 10-14 days before you get the money. It’s not insanely long, but it can be uncomfortable for people who need money fast. Then you can enter the price of the manual, but this does not always mean that you will get the exact manual. When they receive your book, you will be given the final price. If you are not satisfied, they can always send it back to you. Another drawback is that you only get paid with Amazon gift cards. While this is a good thing for Amazon, it can be fatal if you send your book to them, as you will not receive any money. Although there are many advantages. Depending on your needs, the disadvantages may even outweigh the advantages.

How much will Amazon pay?

There are many different prices depending on the state, the type of book and the market. By selling unused textbooks, you can get back up to 80% of their original value, which is a great way to get your money back. But in many cases, you won’t get the full 80%. Even if you lose money, it can seem very profitable because you don’t need the book anyway.

What kind of books does Amazon need?

Amazon accepts a wide variety of books. It must be a new and undamaged book to get the best price. But new books are not always like this, as it is possible that the book has been used. That’s okay, because Amazon will always pay a decent amount for these used or worn books. A detailed overview of their recommendations is provided below. New: That’s exactly what it looks like, the book has to be new and they can offer you about 80% of the original purchase price for a new book. Used – as new: This book has very minimal damage, almost none. You can get almost 80% of the original purchase price. Used – very good: This book is generally classified as a book in good condition that may have some damage, but it is usually minimal. Used – good: The book shows signs of wear from constant use. You won’t get the maximum price, but it can still be a good way to get extra money for a book that is no longer in use. Used – Acceptable: It’s the least Amazon can do. There is visible damage but everything works well, there may be stains, cracks, etc.

Rule of thumb for Amazon textbook buyback terms


When going through the manual, pay attention to the binding. The binding is similar to the spine of a book. If there is damage there, the whole book could collapse. If the binding is weak or damaged, books will loosen more easily and may even fall off the cover or pages.


It is also very important to check the sites as they may have many flaws. The biggest problem would be the lack of pages, because without some pages the book could be a bit confusing. So when you check, make sure all pages are present, otherwise amazon may lower the original price you were offered.

Water damage

Water damage can be a big problem, but it can also be easy to fix. But if there are serious problems, such as fading, damaged pages or ruined covers, you could be missing out on a lot of profit. When water damage occurs, the price drops because the product is not beautiful and not usable.

Notes written in book

Textbook notes can detract from your earnings. This is because it shows it’s being used, and not everyone wants other people’s notes. Unfortunately, the reviews of the textbook are not all good, so the value of the book may drop even further according to the amazon reviews.

Amazon Textbook Refund Process

Step 1: Opening an Amazon account

The first step is to open an amazon account. Without it, you cannot perform any of the following actions. It is a very simple and quick process that involves answering a few questions. Unless you plan to sell more than 40 textbooks, you must register on the marketplace as an individual seller.

Step 2: Find your book

To sell your book, you must search it by title or by ISBN code. Your book must match exactly to get a quote; that way you can be sure it’s the same book. You can do this on the textbook refund page. The process is very simple and straightforward for you.

Step 3: Status assessment

The book should then be inspected for damage. A good book is one with an undamaged binding, pages or cover. Then you have to send the condition to Amazon, because that’s how you get the money. You will be given an estimate of the book’s value, but this may change if the condition of the book is better or worse than you have indicated.

Step 4: Shipping on Amazon

Amazon makes it very easy and even offers free shipping. The only drawback is that you have to print the shipping label yourself. Once they receive the book, the money is transferred to you and the book is out of your hands!

Step 5: Get your money up

The only major drawback is that you only get paid with amazon gift cards. This will be sent directly to your account. It is estimated that you can receive up to 80% of the purchase price of your book. This number varies from state to state. Either way, it’s always a good deal for a book that is no longer used!

15 alternatives to Amazon’s buyout of textbooks


BookByte is a fantastic company that buys up books. The only requirement is that you send in textbooks worth at least $10. They even offer free delivery. To find out how much you can earn, enter your ISBN, title, author or a keyword to find your book and get a rating. You will need a PayPal account or a check in the mail to receive payment.

Barnes and Noble

Another good option is Barnes and Noble. It is a very well known company that has a presence all over the country. One of their proposals is to buy back textbooks. This is a great way to put extra money in your pocket. First, you must find the book on their website by entering the ISBN number of your book. From there, you get your prize. If the price seems fair, you can send them the book for free!


This company offers one of the highest prices. Plus, they usually beat Amazon’s prices! eCampus has become one of the most competitive options. This is a great advantage for those who sell books, as they offer high prices. To begin, search for a book by ISBN. You get a quote and if you’re happy with it, you submit it. The advantage is that delivery is free. To get the money, you have two options: Paypal or store credit.

Cleaning up

With Decluttr, it’s easy to sell more than just textbooks. They also accept all cell phones, CDs, DVDs, Lego and more. First, you must find the ISBN number of your book. If you are happy with the price, you can send them the book. They offer free and insured delivery. The advantage is that you receive the payment the day after the company has confirmed the shipment.

Plasticine books

The main task of this company is to buy up books in a quick, easy and profitable way. Their system works just like any other company’s, except they like to work faster. The procedure is simple. Just enter the ISBN number of the book to get a price quote, and if the price seems acceptable, you can submit it. Best of all, they don’t have to wait for the post office or PayPal, but can transfer the money directly to your bank once the order is confirmed. This is much better than getting credit from Amazon and other competitors who offer a textbook buyback program.


This company is similar to the others, they offer two different options for shipping your books. You can choose between PayPal and store credit. The advantage of store credit is that you get about 10-15% more than if you choose PayPal. To qualify for free shipping, you must send them books worth at least $15.


BooksRun is one of the most competitive companies with eCampus. They offer some of the highest prices, which is a huge advantage for anyone selling books. You have to sell at least $15 worth of books. Once your order is placed, you must print a prepaid shipping label and have it shipped within five days of creating your order.


As the name suggests, it focuses on textbooks. This is a great advantage if you have unused manuals piled up. This company offers money for every textbook. Not only can you sell on their website, but you can also buy directly from their website. To get a quote, enter your book’s ISBN, then print and ship a free UPS label. You pay via PayPal or check.


His name speaks for itself. This company buys books for cash. They operate in the same way as other companies, e.g. B. with respect to their work process. The process begins with searching for a book using its ISBN number. You’ll get an instant quote and if you’re happy with the numbers, you can send them in for free. Once the book is received, it will be inspected and if it is in good condition, you will receive payment via PayPal or check.

Sell your book back

This store is perfect for those looking to sell a stack of books. The advanced search feature allows you to search for ISBNs in bulk and get instant quotes. They also have an app that lets you scan the book and get quotes even faster. They have a stricter process for selecting the books they buy. Here are some examples of what they are NOT buying:

  • Advance reading copies
  • Books without ISBN
  • Offensive equipment
  • Encyclopedia sets

Here are the textbooks they are NOT buying:

  • Publications for teachers
  • Publications for trainers
  • Annotated publications for teachers


This site can make you the most money. They work on the principle that they search for 38 different suppliers to be able to offer you the best price. Just enter the ISBN of your book and you will see the best prices. From there, send it free. When they receive the books, you will likely receive payment via PayPal or check.


With over a million books for sale, TextbookRush is almost certain to buy your book. They not only buy books, but also electronics, games and movies. You can sell your products to them through their app or website. Shipping is free on all items and payment is by PayPal, cash or store credit. So if you have a unique book and want to make it disappear, alsoRush text might be the best option for you!


This company exists since 1997! They have received numerous accolades from prestigious publications such as Forbes, The New York Times and Lifehacker. They work pretty much the same as BookScouter, in that they compare their prices with different sellers and give you the highest price. Shipping is free, and they have even expanded to the UK and Canada.

Campus Books

CampusBooks has been around for a long time, as has BookFinder.com. They accept a large number of books, so almost all are guaranteed. Books lacking additional material will not be accepted. They will search various buyback sites to get you the best price. Delivery is free, payment is via PayPal, check or store credit. TIPS: The best time to sell is in August or January to get the highest prices.

Books CKY

This company offers not only books, but also movies and CDs. So if you want to clear some space, you should stop by CKY Books. Shipping is free, but the order amount must be at least $20. You can choose your payment method: PayPal or check. This is an ideal acquisition company for those who live on the east coast, as this company is based in Kentucky.

Final thoughts

Unused books lying around and gathering dust can be annoying, especially if you need more space. Amazon is the king of books, and through Amazon’s book buyback program, it buys back almost every book. On Amazon, you can earn up to 80% of the original purchase price. But Amazon is not the only option, there are many ways to get paid for unwanted books! If you found this guide to buying back Amazon textbooks useful, you may also find these articles on Amazon interesting:According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 20 percent of us work a side hustle to bring in some extra cash. Some of us have a part-time job on top of our 9-to-5, but a lot of us work on the weekends, nights, or even during the wee hours of the morning. If you’re one of the many people who dream of making extra money, here’s what you need to know.. Read more about ways to make money on the side with a full-time job and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make extra money legally?

Most people ask this question because they want to make some money on the side, but it’s not always easy to find side hustles that are both fun and actually make you money, which is why we’ve put together this ultimate list of 41 side hustles for teens and college students. The best part? Most of these side hustles are legitimate ways to make extra money that don’t require you to have a lot of experience or a college degree. Finding extra cash in your budget is never an easy task. Between student loan payments, rent, credit card bills, and so much more, your income doesn’t always line up with your expenses. And that’s fine, because there are a lot of creative and legal ways to make extra money.

How do I make an extra $1000 a month?

What if you could make an extra $1000 a month? Whether you want to pay off debt, build a rainy day fund, or simply have more money available for fun, there are a ton of ways to make money on the side. The easiest and most lucrative ones include a side hustle, a side business, or a freelance gig. But that can be intimidating, and it’s not easy to make yourself start. If you’ve ever thought about earning extra cash, you are not alone. Both full-time and part-time workers are always looking for ways to boost their income. Finding new ways to make extra money, especially in these tough economic times, can make a big difference in your quality of life. But how do you earn money? How much do you need to earn each month? And what are the best ways to make money?

How can I make more money with money?

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 ways that you can make more money, with money. No, not all of these involve opening a lemonade stand, and while some of them do require a great deal of time, most do not. In fact, the majority of these suggestions will only take you an hour or so to complete, they are just very beneficial. These are just some of the things that I have done in order to make more money, and some of them may surprise you! If you’re like most people, you probably feel that you don’t have enough money to do everything you want to do. And, you’d certainly like to have more money. Am I right? While making more money isn’t easy, it is possible. Here are a few ideas of how you can make more money with money: (1) Invest. Consider taking a portion of your money each month and investing in stocks and/or mutual funds. Start small if you must, but set aside a portion of your money every month for this purpose. Over time, you’re likely to see an increase in your investment portfolio, and that means more money! (2) Take a part

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