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This is the first post in our new series of Breezeful reviews. In Breezeful we’ll bring you reviews of six of the best finance apps you can find on the App Store. We’ll be looking at how good these apps are at helping you to reach you financial goals. All reviews will be based off of our experience using the apps for at least three months.

Breezeful Review will take you through an overview of this small business and its services. It will reveal why this business is right for you; how to start your business and where to get the most bang for your buck!

word-image-2031 If you want to buy a new home or renew your existing mortgage, you’ll need the help of a mortgage lender. Breezeful is an online mortgage broker that helps you find the right mortgage lender for your needs. For example, you can hire an expert to negotiate rates and terms with mortgage lenders on your behalf, so you get a favorable mortgage product that meets your needs. Online mortgage brokers can simplify the entire process of taking out a new home loan, extending an existing loan, or refinancing at a lower interest rate. Breezeful’s fully online platform saves you time and hassle. That way you get better rates and keep more money in your pocket. Let’s take a closer look at Breezeful so you can decide if this digital mortgage broker is for you.

Who is Breezeful?

Breezeful is an online mortgage broker that launched in early 2020. The company is financially backed by experienced investors, including Y Combinator and GoAhead Ventures, who have already worked with well-known companies. Mortgage broker for mortgage lenders in North America. Breezeful is based in Toronto, Ontario, but assists clients across Canada. The user experience is entirely online, eliminating the need to visit bank branches. Breezeful works with a variety of lenders, including the smallest and the largest and best known such as Scotiabank, TD Bank and Manulife Bank. They also help people who would otherwise not be able to get a mortgage in the traditional way. For example, borrowers who are self-employed, have a poor credit rating or have recently immigrated to Canada may be more successful with Breezeful than with a traditional bank. Breezeful also assists its clients in obtaining a home through non-traditional avenues, such as rent-to-own, equity transactions and all-cash transactions.

How does Breezeful work?

Breezeful offers an online platform that allows you to apply for a new mortgage, renew your loan or refinance your home loan. All you have to do is provide some personal information by filling out the online application to see if you qualify for a home loan. The information you provide about yourself will help Breezeful understand your specific needs and situation. All confidential information will be treated as confidential. You will then be put in touch with a mortgage expert who will diligently negotiate with lenders to optimize rates and financing terms. Breezeful compares the various lenders in its network and shortlists mortgage lenders who have made offers that meet your criteria. Your home loan expert will give you professional advice on the most suitable lender for you. Once you are satisfied with the quote, you complete the necessary paperwork to apply for a mortgage with the lender of your choice, with Breezeful assisting you every step of the way. The specialists at Breezeful will continue to work with you even after you have obtained a mortgage and purchased a home. They provide advice and guidance on the closing process. Make sure you have budgeted your mortgage correctly.

Why work with a mortgage broker?

Breezeful is not a lender, but rather an online mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers are licensed professionals who are trained to find a mortgage lender and mortgage product that fits their clients’ financial profile. They work with a large number of lenders in their network to arrange home loans, but do not make loans directly. Brokers act as intermediaries between buyers and mortgage lenders to negotiate the best home loan. They do not work for any particular lender, but are independent of lenders and represent your interests. Because mortgage brokers work with multiple lenders, they can research all available mortgage products to find the lowest interest rate that best fits your financial situation.

What types of mortgage products does Breezeful offer?

Breezeful offers the following mortgage products:

New mortgages

If you are buying a new home, you will probably need a mortgage to finance such a large purchase. Breezeful can help you get the home equity loan you need to complete your real estate transaction.

Mortgage renewal

When your current mortgage expires, you must either pay it off in full or renew it. A mortgage extension involves ending the current term and starting a new one. Your lender will send you a request to extend your mortgage at least 21 days before the current term expires. You can renew your loan with your current lender or with a new lender. word-image-2032




Prior authorisations

Buyers are advised to take out a mortgage before looking for a new home. This written document indicates that you are entitled to a participation loan at a certain interest rate and for a certain duration.


You may want to renegotiate the interest rate or terms of your mortgage. The most common reason for refinancing is to obtain a significantly lower interest rate. If your current interest rate is much lower than the one you locked in, consider refinancing, which could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. You may also want to refinance to use the equity in your home for cash flow, to shorten the term of your mortgage, or to switch from a fixed rate loan to an adjustable rate loan.

Credit lines

A home equity line of credit, also known as a HELOC, is a revolving loan that uses your home as collateral. The advantage of a HELOC is that you can always dispose of the equity in your home without having to apply for a loan every time you need a large sum of money.

Second mortgage

You can take out a second mortgage while your first mortgage is active if you want to consolidate your debts, avoid private mortgage insurance costs or use your equity to renovate your home.

Private mortgage

If you can’t get a mortgage from a traditional lender, like a bank, or if you want to get a loan faster, you can work with a private lender. Private mortgages are offered by individuals or mortgage companies that provide a private source of financing. The term of these mortgages is usually shorter and the interest rates are usually higher.

Rental and ownership

For some Canadians, traditional home ownership can be very difficult. If this is the case for you, a lease with an option to buy may be ideal. In this case, you rent the property for a certain period of time and have the option to buy it back at a later date when the lease expires. If you decide to exercise your right to buy, you will pay the agreed price set out in your original contract. A portion of the rent may be used as a security deposit, depending on the specific terms of the contract.

What is the application process for Breezeful?

To apply for a mortgage product with Breezeful, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the sign up page on the Breezeful website.
  2. Click on Apply Now.
  3. Follow the instructions and answer the questions.
  4. Give Breezeful permission to receive your credit history.
  5. Work with a mortgage expert who will guide you in choosing a lender and the best rates and terms.
  6. Submit the required documents.
  7. Once you agree, you will receive a pre-approval or approval from one of Breezeful’s mortgage partners.

You can also speak to a mortgage specialist over the phone if you prefer by making an appointment over the phone.

What documents do I need for the application?

When you apply for a mortgage through Breezeful’s digital platform, you will be asked to provide a number of documents:

Government photo card

You must prove your identity by producing a copy of your driving licence or passport.

Confirmation of income

Lenders want to make sure you have enough income to get the kind of mortgage you need. Therefore, you may be asked to submit documents such as pay stubs, professional references or bank statements.

Credit report

You do not need to have your own credit history, but Breezeful must have access to it in order to assess your credit status.

Other financial information

Depending on your specific situation, you may be asked to provide additional documents to prove your finances, for example. For example, a statement of assets, tax documents or proof of a deposit.

Mortgagee requirementsBreezeful

Breezeful does not have a list of criteria for a mortgage. The requirements are usually set by the lender you work with. However, there are general criteria you must meet when applying for a mortgage online, such as. B. the following :

  • You must be of age in your county.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen or resident.
  • Have enough income to pay the mortgage.
  • You must not be bankrupt or have other debts that you cannot manage.

What is the cost of using Breezeful?

Using Breezeful services is free and there are no hidden fees. Breezeful receives rewards from the lenders they recommend to customers. Each successful mortgage application earns Breezeful commissions, which are paid by the lender without you having to pay.

Benefits of Breezeful

Breezeful makes applying for a mortgage as easy as possible. Thanks to a fully online platform, applying for and obtaining a home loan has never been easier. You can get approved anytime, anywhere and get impartial advice from a team of home loan experts.

Rapid application procedure

Applying for a mortgage and requesting quotes through Breezeful’s innovative digital platform takes just minutes.


Because the mortgage experts at Breezeful negotiate with lenders on your behalf, you can save a lot of money with lower rates and better terms.

Available throughout Canada

No county remained without the service of Breezeful. Customers in the United States can also use their mortgage products and services.

Dedicated mortgage expert

When you start the application process at Breezeful, you’ll get a mortgage expert who is completely focused on you. They are available to answer your questions if you have any.

Multiple mortgage products available

In addition to new mortgages, Breezeful offers several other mortgage products, including renewals and refinances.


Since Breezeful operates entirely online, you can do whatever it takes to get a quote from the comfort of your own home.

Most likely to be adopted

Breezeful works not only with borrowers who have high credit scores and ideal incomes, but also with those who have lower credit scores and are in a situation that could jeopardize their ability to get a mortgage approved by a traditional bank or credit union.

Excellent customer service

Contact a mortgage broker at any time through a dedicated texting line.

Free maintenance

Users do not have to pay any fees to work with Breezeful.

Breeze Overview

Number of brokers 30+
Mortgage products offered New MortgagesFinanceConsultationLine of CreditSecond MortgagePrivate MortgageRent Mortgage
Registration fee No
Interest rate It depends on the lender
Application requirements Proof of income Credit report Other financial information

Final thoughts

You no longer have to go to your local bank or credit union to apply for a mortgage. Instead, you can start and complete the entire process completely online, from the comfort of your own home. You can also use the services of a mortgage broker to find the best mortgage lender that will offer you the ideal terms and the lowest interest rate. Breezeful’s online platform and team of mortgage experts can offer you all of this. Read more The rates and loan amounts provided by Breezeful are approximate based on the information provided and are subject to change after review of the documents, appraisal and lender. This preliminary qualification should not be construed as a prior approval and is subject to change.Breezeful Review | is an affiliate blog that aims to review products in the field of finance. The blog focuses on the Most Recommended and Best reviewed financial products. The blog review will be personal and will be based on the product’s usefulness to the readers.. Read more about online mortgage broker canada and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breezeful?

Breezeful is a new online platform that allows you to invest your money. What separates Breezeful from the rest is that is truly affordable for everyone, not just the wealthy and the ultra-rich. Every month, you will receive a different investment portfolio, and you can select from a variety of different investment options. Some of the portfolios use traditional stocks, and others use bonds. Some portfolios include traditional investments, and others use alternate investments. The best thing about Breezeful is that you don’t need a brokerage account or an expensive plan to invest. The industry has changed a lot over the last few years. Where once there was a need to follow stocks like a hawk, it’s now about following the money. The new paradigm is to understand where money is flowing and to identify the key players in the market.

Is True North Mortgage reliable?

You come home from work to find that you and all the other homeowners in your neighborhood have been foreclosed upon. You have no idea how it happened, and you are too embarrassed to ask your neighbors. So you go to your internet connection to connect to your bank account to find out what happened to your money. After two hours of trying to log in, you are frustrated when you cannot get the bank to make their site work, so you go and find True North Mortgage. A year ago, we bought a house in a new neighborhood. The purchase was made with the help of a lender – True North Mortgage – that we thought was reputable and had a good reputation. We’ve been paying the mortgage on time, and we’ve been making our payments on time. However, over the last few months, we’ve noticed a few payments that we’ve received from True North that we weren’t expecting. We have decided to call up and ask why the payment was late, and we’ve been assured by the True North Manger that it should be fine.

Is legit better?

The hardest part of the job in running a business is to determine what your business should be doing and if it is profitable. Most businesses start out with no real mission, just trying to make money and survive the day. Once you’ve survived the day, you profit, but the question is what you are really profiting from and how profitable are you doing. What’s the best online money management service? Is it the most robust, the most comprehensive, the most user-friendly? Is it the most ethical, the safest, the least-boring? Is it the most secure, the most trusted, the least invasive? Too often, the answer is no. Why?

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