Everyone has that one friend who always gets on everyone’s case about having “stuff” laying around in the garage or basement, especially when you’re moving. But, what about that stuff that doesn’t sell for any reason? What about all the junk that holds no value, but doesn’t have a big enough price tag to get it knocked out of the house? What about all the stuff that doesn’t sell for any reason?

Yard sales are a great way to find cheap items you might otherwise never discover. Many of the items you find are broken, old, or just plain ugly, but if you look hard enough, you may come across something truly unique.

Of all the items people bring to yard sales, there are some that seem to sell consistently. There’s also a good chance, if you go to the right yard sales, that these items will sell. Here are some of the top winners:

word-image-5386 Selling in the garden was a tough sell in 2020. This article has been updated to show which items sell best during quarantine. You want to get rid of your stuff and make some quick cash, right? We’ve already talked about mistakes to avoid at a flea market, and now we want to make sure the stuff we sell is a big success. The truth is, there are many things that people like to buy at a garage sale. word-image-5387 This is the stuff people look for at weekend sales. People want these products, and they want them at a good price, and as you remember from the previous post, you need to price them to sell. At what percentage should you sell these products? Good question. People tend to buy goods for 50-90% of the original price. If they can’t find it at a low price, they will leave your yard sale and you will be left with unwanted goods and no money. What things sell well at a flea market? Let’s start with 2020 and the future of yard sales, shall we?

Whether a yard sale is allowed in your neighborhood depends on local restrictions. Some states are resuming operations, others are not. Be sure to follow local regulations or you could be penalized, including large fines.

Will people still go to yard sales if they are socially distant?

Yes! If you live in an area where yard sales are allowed, people will come. Not only do people want to get out of their homes, but many of them have limited income because of their mid-life. Therefore, some things will sell better this year than in previous years.

How to organise a garage sale while respecting the rules of social distance?

Keep the sale outside if possible, not in a garage. That way you can spread out more. Place tables or rugs some distance apart so people can see the different areas without getting too close. If family members are helping you, give them each a bag of change so they can pay without having to stand in line. Follow your state and CDC guidelines and wear a protective mask. When announcing your yard sale, be sure to mention that you maintain a social distance and wear a mask (if state regulations require it). Make sure you don’t touch your face and, again, make sure you follow the recommendations. We have updated this article with the items that will be on sale in 2020 as a result of the quarantine. All right, let’s go! word-image-5388

17 hot items for summer sales 2020

This year will be different. People are looking for things that help them and their families have fun at home. They also look for items that they would normally buy in stores, but to save money, they buy used items. Here are a few things that will matter this summer.

Summer clothes

People will need summer clothes for their kids. Since many people are out of work for at least a few weeks, the budget for buying clothes is not as big as usual. Go through your kids’ clothes and sell anything that has grown out of them. You can also go through all the clothes you wore in your 40s and all the snacks.

Board games and puzzles

Board games and puzzles are very popular right now. People need ways to entertain their families at home. Although many states are easing their restrictions on home care, some people still choose to stay at home. Not only do people want to protect their families, but the loss of income disrupts many families’ vacation plans.

Game systems and video games

Game systems, video games and controllers that used to sell for a few dollars are now selling for much more. Wii Sports, for example, used to sell for $10 and now sells for $25 to $30. Again: People want to be entertained. Go through your old stuff that your kids don’t play with anymore and sell it. word-image-5389


Books are always a good way to escape. While you’ll never make much money selling books at a flea market, you can pick similar titles and sell 5 paperbacks for $3 or a box of books for $5. It’s a great way to get your shelves in order and make money at the same time. One tip we recommend is to sell books for less than a dollar if you want to get rid of them and if they are available at a dollar store.

Sports equipment

And last but not least: Sell your old sports gear. Even though the summer is different, kids and families can still use the sports facilities in their own backyard. They will also be able to set higher prices than usual because demand will be very high.

Equipment and tools

Articles such as:

  • Tools for woodworking
  • Tools for the garden
  • Trimmer
  • Lawnmower
  • Blower

These items will sell faster if they are in excellent condition and priced right. If some of these items are broken but can be repaired, they have a chance to re-clean these items and get a good price.

Outdoor toys for children

Outdoor toys for kids are one of my favorite things to buy at a local flea market or garage sale. Swings, baby tables and other outdoor toys for children are in fact quite expensive. Make sure that when you sell these items, you take a nice photo to advertise them and set a sale price, because your potential buyers will come to see them. It is important to remember that these toys will sell well in the spring when the weather gets warmer. word-image-5390

Garden furniture

As the warm weather arrives, people are looking for outdoor furniture to decorate their gardens and patios. Stuff like lawn chairs, picnic tables, etc. sell well at a yard or garage sale. Once you have a set, put it together and decorate the items nicely for a quick sale.

Wooden furniture

Old wooden furniture is a gold mine for some people. If you have old wooden furniture and want to get rid of it, I suggest you sell it at your next yard sale. Refurbishing furniture is a popular trend, and it is one of the most sought after items at the flea market. Another important thing to remember is that you can even sell these items online, as they have become very popular.

Costume jewellery

Costume jewelry that can be repaired can be sold at a flea market because customers like them. This item is also useful for crafting, and because you sell them at a very affordable price, people like to buy them. Keep in mind that jewelry will not make a good profit if you sell it at a flea market.

Children’s clothing

Baby clothes are another item that people like to buy, and I would like to add that these clothes are for boys, not babies. Selling used baby clothes at a flea market can go fast if the price is right. I would add that when you donate clothing, it is for sale, which means that sometimes these clothes are not affordable for those who need them. You’ll make more money selling them yourself than the depreciation you get from paying taxes. Think about it. word-image-5391

Branded clothing

Many people like designer clothes, and if they can find them for a good price at your flea market, they will sell them. You need to make sure that you present this product well so that people get a better idea of your product. Even branded children’s clothing sells out pretty quickly if the price is right.

as new

If you have stuff that looks new, chances are it will sell well at the next yard sale. Remember, people are looking for a bargain and when they see new products, it’s like getting something new at a low price. People buy things as new, don’t forget that.

Home accessories

Home decor items are also items to sell at your next yard sale. People look for these things at flea markets. If you want to get rid of your interior items, the quickest way to sell them is at the next flea market, so you can make some quick cash. To sell them, put them together and show them as a set. word-image-5392 Before we go any further, our garden sale guide is a 30-page digital product that will help and guide you in organizing your next garden sale. This is a very useful tool that is available for $3.99. Use it over and over again when you have a flea market or garage sale. See these messages about money:

Cold drinks and refreshments

Sell lemonade and water bottles for a dollar at the yard sale. Let your sweet children sell them for you! Snacks like cookies and crackers also sell well at yard sales!

Retro toys

Retro toys are a hot topic, seriously! They even hold conventions dedicated to retro toys. If you have old wooden toys, trains, Barbie boxes or anything else from the 80’s or earlier, sell it! And if you think you have a gold mine, you better not sell it at a flea market, I recommend you do some more research and sell it some other way. If you don’t sell them at the next yard sale, they will sell well.


Antiques remain one of the most popular items at a flea market. If your antiques need repair, your next yard sale is the perfect place to sell them. You can’t sell a broken antique for a higher price, and if you don’t feel like doing anything and it’s just taking up space, sell it! word-image-5393


As you can see, these items from yard sales are what people are looking for. Now that you have an idea, it’s time to plan your yard sale. Selling your stuff at a yard sale can be purifying. It will also help you raise additional funds for savings, travel and more. Moreover, your home will be much cleaner if you get rid of the things that only collect dust and take up space.

Your turn: What other things sell well at garden sales?

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You’ve probably seen it before: a giant box of old junk that you can buy for cheap. It’s called a yard sale, and it’s all the rage right now. There are two main reasons why yard sales are so popular: they’re a great way to get rid of junk, and they’re a great way to make money. If you’re planning to hold your own yard sale, consider the following tips to make your event a success:. Read more about what not to sell at garage sale and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items sell best at yard sales?

What can you get for a dollar at a yard sale? If you’ve ever bought any of the items listed in the article below, you already know what sells well at yard sales. But, did you realize that these items are actually worth money? And, if you can resell them, you can make money by buying them at yard sales and reselling them online. Yard sales are a great way for people to hook up with old friends, make some extra money and get rid of old stuff. But when it comes to what items sell the best, the research is mixed. Some sellers say that toys, books and all kinds of collectibles and antiques are a great way to make money. Others say that clothing, tools, electronics and household items are a better bet. So, which advice should you trust?

What items sell at garage sales?

You know how it is when you buy something at a garage sale, but you don’t really know what you’re getting or how much it’s worth? How about when you sell something at a yard sale? It’s a little different for that, too. There are a few things that tend to sell really well, both at yard sales and in buy/sell groups. So, here’s a list of 17 items that sell well at garage sales. So you have a garage sale and you’re not sure what to sell? You don’t know what to include and what to leave out? Well let’s talk about garage sales. Garage sales are a great way to get rid of some of your stuff and to make a few bucks to boot. As a consumer, we’re incredibly concerned with value, so when we go to a garage sale, we’re looking for things that are cheap and will give us a good return on our investment.

What is the best way to make money at a yard sale?

You’ve probably heard that yard sales are a great way to make money. But you might not be aware of the best way to make money at yard sales, or know how much you can expect to get for a certain item. This post will help you decide if an item is worth selling, and how much you can expect to get for it. Yard sales are awesome because they provide a low cost, high speed method of selling a variety of items to someone who is looking to buy. You can get rid of old furniture, collectibles, or used cars, and make a few hundred dollars without even starting a blog. However, you will have to be a bit patient at first to see the payoff. It typically takes between 6-8 weeks before you start seeing any sales, but if you can keep selling a second-hand item every week you will quickly start to reap the benefits.

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