If you’re bored at work, or just don’t have money to buy stuff, you can make some extra cash. There is an app out there that will pay you to watch videos online. This is the first of a series of blog posts about some of these apps.

In the near future, many people will be using technology every day, including you. And, as more people use technology, the more there will be demand for our products and services.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all watched a few videos on YouTube or Twitch and thought to ourselves “hey, that would be a great way to make some extra money!” So, why not make our point of view known to others and make a few bucks? It’s not hard to imagine how this might work. You just need to put some effort into it. Here’s how it might go: You download a few apps and tell them which videos you like to watch. You can choose from a list of popular channels to pick what you watch, or pick your own. Randomly, your chosen videos are served to viewers. In return, viewers are served ads, but they are rewarded with a small amount of “tip money.”

Using applications that pay you to watch movies online is one of the greatest methods to get some additional income. Apart from viewing brief video, there is also a little bit of labor required. There is a list of apps that will pay you to view videos that has been compiled. 

These are often important applications. They’re a way to earn money without having to work. When you’re sitting about or waiting for someone, you may view videos. To put it another way, you’ll be able to press a button and make money. 

However, the vast majority of these apps do not function in the same manner. To continue viewing the next videos, it is recommended to use the “next” button. A selection of apps that allow you to make money by viewing videos is provided below. 

Getting paid to view various videos generally seems to be an ideal job. Some tags aid in the categorization of programs and films depending on factors such as tone, genre, and content. These tags are in charge of helping visitors locate what they’re searching for as quickly as possible. It also makes it simpler for the sites’ algorithms to propose appropriate ideas in a few ways. 

To view movies and make money, most of the sites listed in this post need a steady internet connection. The majority of the apps are accessible in both Android and iOS versions. There is no method to earn money directly from viewing YouTube videos. Only the content creators will be able to profit from YouTube. However, you may use the TV-TWO app to earn Ethereum or virtual money in exchange for watching YouTube.  

If you want to improve your financial position over a long period of time, you might try being paid to watch a video app that is both legitimate and hassle-free. Online video-watching jobs are one of the most popular methods for people to make money in their free time. It also has a higher potential for production. 

Because of its flexibility, Swagbucks has become a well-known mobile application. Not only does the user get paid for viewing videos, but the software also enables them to earn points for completing surveys, buying online, playing games, filling out free trial offers, and a variety of other activities. 


It is considered to be one of the most well-liked websites on the internet. Swagbucks is ranked first because it allows individuals to earn money while they sleep.  

After allowing the films to play automatically, users may usually make $30 per month. The user earns points every time he or she completes a task in this program. These points may be redeemed for cash rewards, gift cards, or direct payments into your PayPal account. 

There’s also a fantastic referral scheme included with the app. If each friend who signs up via the link may earn 10% of the money they will make for the rest of their lives. Swagbucks offers a $10 welcome bonus, however the value may fluctuate between $5 and $10.

This is without a doubt one of the most lucrative apps for viewing internet videos. 


When it comes to earning money by doing little task tasks, the Reward is rapidly rising to the top of the list. Watching movies, taking surveys, playing games, and recommending surveys are all ways to earn money. However, the user must remember to press the “Next” button in order to continue earning with the program. 

When compared to other apps, the pay-out option is typically considerably superior. A welcome bonus of 100 points is put into the account when the user logs in. The user will be able to cash out for a free gift card or PayPal money once the minimum amount is met. 

ClipClaps is another software that rewards users for viewing videos by paying them money. It is one such program that was just released and is quickly gaining popularity. From your phone, you may make both entertaining and short videos. If you’re looking for videos on YouTube, consider moving to ClipClaps to be paid for it. After applying the promo code, a $1 welcome bonus is immediately given when a user registers for the app.


Otherwise, at the moment of registration, all new users are entitled to get the Diamond Chest. It includes a number of awards. You may also increase your earnings by recommending friends. One may earn $1 throughout the sign-up process. The most important aspect of ClipClaps is that it is very addicting due to the amusing videos. 

Once the minimum number of points has been achieved, the user may transfer the information to a PayPal account for direct deposits. 

FusionCash is a website that provides a strong incentive to users by providing a $5 sign-up bonus. A minimum quantity of $25 is also required for the user’s account to be converted to cash. However, one thing to bear in mind is that getting to a particular number should not take too long. 


You will get paid to watch videos, and FusionCash will also assist you in doing surveys, listening to music, referring friends, and even clicking advertisements. There are many incentives available for new users, and earning $25 in the first thirty minutes is not difficult. 

MyPoints is well-known as a cash-back shopping website. They’ve collaborated with a number of online shops all around the globe, and all of their connections can be found on the retailers’ website. 

A user is able to earn a commission every time they click on the link and begin buying at the store of their choosing. Instead of retaining the money, they offer it to their customers in the form of cash-back. You may also anticipate to get a cash-back percentage ranging from 1% to 10%. 


Not just because of this function, but also because MyPoints is very popular. It also allows people to make free money by just viewing movies on mobile apps. These movies, however, are not passive; to view them, one must press the next button. When you earn your first $20, you’ll also receive a $10 bonus. 

Apart from viewing movies, Inbox Dollars is a reward service that rewards its members for completing tasks. If you’re looking for a site that will help you make the most money, it’s a good idea to visit these applications and perform a mix of viewing videos and answering emails. 


These are simple choices that are popular with many people. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Inbox Dollars isn’t simply a passive income site. The following videos may be seen by using the “Next” button. The most intriguing aspect about InboxDollars is that it offers a $5 sign-up bonus. They have a fantastic referral program as well. 

Even for each friend that the user recommends, they are entitled to get 10% of what they are due. 

It’s a great method to get money online by doing activities. Referring friends, viewing videos, and completing surveys are all available on the website. Being the AFK on the servers may also earn you money. As a result, it becomes one of the applications for passive income. 


The user may also enjoy Idle-Empire by assisting bitcoin mining using the computer’s computing power. They offer free money in exchange, and the user is not responsible for any actions. They also have an incredibly low 1,000-point minimum cash-out rate. 

By downloading the app and keeping it streaming in the background on each device, you may earn an additional $50 each year. Without any signup incentive, Nielsen computers and mobile panels provide you with sufficient remuneration. It may also be loaded on a variety of platforms, including a laptop, tablet, or mobile app, allowing users to boost their profits. 


Nielsen’s computers and mobile panel collect data as part of a market research procedure, then sell it to another business in exchange for a payment. Nonetheless, they are careful enough to not provide any personal information about individuals so that no one can trace them down. 

If you view videos from your phone via this app, you will be able to earn points through the app section, which shows Nielsen’s TVating. The business will be informed of the kind of videos you are viewing on YouTube and how long you are watching them for.

There is no cost to register for this app. It’s a website where you can earn money by playing games, viewing movies, completing online paid surveys, and recommending friends. People like the program since it allows them to earn a large amount of money just by recommending it to others, making it simpler to make money.


 You may also get a 10% bonus if you work additional hours. For gift cards or PayPal cash, a minimum quantity of $5 is required. This app allows you to be paid to view internet videos, but the pay may not be as great as some of the other things on this list.

Simply by viewing online ads from your personal computers and mobile phones, you may start earning a $.50 welcome bonus after watching the first video. With a large amount of money, you may be paid to view videos on an app. The greatest part about this service is that it eliminates any misunderstanding about converting money to points by paying you in cash. 


Each short video in an ad wallet is worth anything from 0.50 cents to $3. The main disadvantage of this website is that there are few excellent videos accessible in this app, which is why one must periodically check to see if any new films have been added. By recommending it to friends, they may earn a 10% bonus on top of their regular earnings.

Creations reward is a video-watching app that pays you to view videos and offers a $5 signup incentive. This site rewards you in the same way as Swagbucks does. Apart from viewing online movies, recommending friends, conducting a survey, and performing minor chores, it allows you to earn points by participating in a variety of online activities. 


It compensates you with 10% of your friends’ profits. We will get a $5 incentive if you earn $5 in the first five days. On this website, just $5 in cash is needed for conversion, which is the greatest feature of this platform. You may leave our website at any moment by just removing it, and you’ll still be able to make some quick cash. You may rapidly recoup your points by exchanging them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

For a long time, the cash crate has dominated the market and is gradually gaining popularity. It is a brief task site that pays you for viewing movies, doing paid surveys, recommending friends, and doing online shopping. It has a small signup incentive and no welcome bonus. Watching videos costs an extra $20 to $30 each month. 


If you want to supplement your income, you may take on additional internet jobs. You may earn points by doing surveys and performing minor tasks, which can then be turned into gift cards. The website is clear enough to show a new user all of the income opportunities before they join up.

Trailers for Apps

Get paid to view videos online via app trailers with a 50-point signup incentive. The videos in this app are well-organized and classified, making it simpler to decide what to view. 


They contain advertisements for games, movie trailers, and other items that, if ignored, may earn you a substantial amount of money. The videos, which last 30 seconds, are worth 10-20 points. To redeem for prizes, you must have at least 500 points. You won’t have to wait for payment since it will be made right away. You may also exchange your points for cash or gift cards through PayPal.

The National Consumer Panel, often known as Nielsenhomescan Consumer Panel, is a non-profit organization that collects data on consumer behaviors. They pay you to scan the bought goods in addition to enabling you to make money through video surveys. For beginning, one may use an Android or Apple smartphone, but if necessary, they will send a manual barcode scanner. 


After signing up for a trial account, you may start doing video surveys to earn money right away. By viewing a video, you may earn points that can be traded for a prepaid card, gift card, or other alternatives without having to register.

Grab 500 points as a welcome bonus when you join Grab Points. You may make money by doing simple activities on your phone and viewing videos. You may also get money by recommending it to friends, completing surveys, and downloading applications to your smartphone. 


In the app, there are a plethora of films that may earn you points that can be redeemed for a free card. By viewing each video, you may earn anything from 1 to 10 points. If you install the other smartphone applications in addition to the grab points app, you will get a significantly greater payout. It’s a simple software that teaches how to be paid for watching movies on the internet.


It is not difficult to find video applications that pay you, but each website has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some websites need no or little money to register. Although some of the websites are engaged in fraudulent activity, they are lawful and safe since no personal information is accessible. Some websites may cope with payment delays, giving you the impression of insecurity. Some gift cards have a minimum purchase value that must be met in order to be redeemed. It has been shown that online video earning employment may be a great way to supplement your income. 

Watching videos is a fun way to earn money that is also a fast method to make some additional cash or maybe score some Amazon gift cards in your free time. The pay-out on an hourly basis is sometimes seen to be extremely low. As a result, you must approach the situation with some reasonable expectations. 

As a result, the most well-known websites provide the option of earning money via surveys or cash-back purchasing. On an hourly basis, these activities pay more. This also aids in obtaining the best possible possibility of receiving the smallest amount of cash-back. 

“I am greedy.” That’s how I started my first blog post. I’d just launched a personal finance blog, and I wanted to share some cool apps that were paying me to watch videos online. I’m not sure this is a good approach for everyone. I did not have a lot of traffic at the start, and many readers left my blog within the first month. But the point of this post is that I did it. I made it to the first page of Google search results, and I earned a nice amount of money. I want to share that with you, because I think there are a lot of great apps out there that can help you earn some cash and help you reach your financial goals. And I want to help you. Read more about sites that pays for watching videos in nigeria and let us know what you think.

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