If you think about it, there are a lot of “recession proof” jobs out there. While some people have always had these jobs, many have been “recession proof” for years. The jobs that are “recession proof” today include:

The world economy is at a critical turning point. The U.S. is in its sixth year of a recovery that has been slow and uneven. The job market is far from robust, with the unemployment rate stuck at 5.1%. Millions of Americans are clinging to their jobs, working part-time or not at all, and unable to make ends meet. It is clear it will take a concerted effort in order to avoid a full-blown recession.

A lot has been said about the future of work in the past decade—and the truth is that job security is at an all-time low. This is particularly true in the U.S. where the unemployment rate has remained above 6% for the past three years. This recession has not been kind to the job market, which means there are fewer opportunities than ever to join the ranks of the employed. This is not the time to be jobless; we are living through the economic equivalent of a perfect storm, if you will.

What do you mean by “recession-proof” jobs? These are occupations that are unaffected by changes in the economy.

recession proof jobs

Even in tough economic circumstances, a recession-proof employment is likely to be accessible. While no profession is guaranteed to be recession-proof, some provide more employment stability than others.

They have a continuous demand for workers, increasing the chances that anybody with the required credentials would be able to obtain employment.

Union work and government employment are two of the most recession-resistant occupations accessible. In reality, only a few employment areas are untouched by a recession. Although the effects of a recession vary from person to person, everyone is affected.

However, the economy, like sea levels and waistlines, is a wildly fluctuating cycle that swells, collapses, and then rises again.

As a consequence of the new coronavirus COVID-19, most nations’ economies are now suffering. These recessionary characteristics have now become a reality.

When We Say “Recession-Proof,” What Do We Mean?

What exactly is a recession-proof job? It is, in essence, labor that is untouched by changes in the economy. Even if the country falls into a deep recession, these industries will continue to employ people.

Is this to say that these jobs have a greater chance of surviving a downturn? Definitely not. Regardless of the conditions, it involves regular money and labor.

You will have peace of mind if you choose any of these job paths. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s nothing wrong with searching for a recession-proof job.

What Impact Does the Recession Have on Jobs?

During recessions, our sources of income are often at the forefront of our thoughts. Information regarding the labor market and unemployment rate is updated on a daily basis in the news. Businesses shut and corporations cut costs, causing us to worry about our job security at night.

More over ten percent of Americans were jobless during the Great Recession of 2008. It meant fewer job vacancies, company downsizing, and fierce rivalry for the few available positions.

In the same way that a college degree used to ensure career security, it no longer does.

What Are Jobs That Are Recession-Proof?

These are occupations in industries that seem to have strong employment prospects despite the crisis and current economic circumstances.

Recession-Proof Job Characteristics

  • Consumers will save time; A job as a specialized courier or driver, whether it’s delivering services or handling the details of everyday living, seems to be recession-proof.
  • Financial advisers, pharmaceuticals, investors, cybersecurity, and information technology are just a few examples of sectors intended to safeguard profitable companies.
  • There is a universal need. Specific occupations are recession-proof because they are required for society to function. Doctors and other healthcare professionals, teachers, and service workers are among those who fall under this category. These professions also have the unique benefit of not having to pivot or alter strategy in reaction to economic instability.
  • Contributes to the development of human vice. Both the alcohol and cigarette sectors have seen continuous upward or stable growth. People will drink or indulge, for better or worse, whether in celebration or as a kind of escape, and these businesses will never be idle.
  • It serves an important purpose. Critical roles include senior and child care providers, hospice and funeral service personnel, firefighters, social workers, lawyers, and veterinarians, to name a few.

Jobs that will withstand economic downturns over the next ten years

Professionals in the medical and healthcare fields

There are many professions and specializations in the medical sector. Doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, paramedics, dental assistants, dentists, nurses, and even veterinarians make up this group.

medical health professionals

People and animals get sick regardless of the economy, therefore skilled experts will still be required. The state of the economy has no effect on one’s physical or emotional well-being.

Appendices will rupture, infants will be born, and mishaps will happen.

A work at a clinic or hospital is an excellent choice if you want the most employment security.

Professors and Professorial Assistants in Higher Education

Economic booms and busts come and go, but investing in the future is always a smart idea. Higher education, secondary education, adult education, and special education are all in great demand, regardless of the economy.

Those considering this path should keep in mind that the manner education is provided is changing.

recession proof jobs professors

In addition to traditional classroom instructors, new forms of remote and on-demand education are becoming increasingly important. As a consequence, a teaching position may be flexible in terms of location and delivery method.

As long as children are born, educators will be needed. Education for students in grades K-12 may continue regardless of economic conditions.

Classroom sizes may increase, and homeschooling may become more popular, but the need for instructors will continue to rise as experienced teachers retire and leave the educational system.

Teachers are one of the most heavily unionized professions, with a lengthy list of job security benefits.

Professors in higher education benefit from things like tenure, regardless of the condition of the economy. Higher education enrolment rose during the Great Recession, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.

IT Professionals

People are increasingly reliant on technology in ways that we have never seen before. Whether they offer IT support, computer repair, mobile phone debugging, or developing information systems, technology companies seem to be untouched by the economic downturn.

IT specialists

In fact, businesses are turning to technology to reduce expenses by enabling employees to work from home more than ever before.

Those who work for the federal government

Federal employees have among of the safest jobs in the country. Civil sector and military jobs are less impacted by the recession and provide greater security.

civil service recession proof jobs

Despite the fact that legislative disagreements may have an impact on hiring and budgeting, working for the federal government is a fairly safe option.

The Financial Sector’s Professionals

Financial experts are constantly in demand due to the significance of money flow.

The financial services sector employs auditors, accountants, actuaries, tax preparers, claims adjusters, and insurance underwriters, to name a few.

financial sector

Technical expertise is required for many professions. Businesses will need accountants as long as the tax system exists. Individuals and businesses use accountants to help them with their financial accounts, accounting, and tax returns.

Credit and Debt Management Counselors

In times of financial difficulty, many individuals unfortunately turn to credit cards, amassing even more debt. A recession is no different.

credit debt management

More individuals may need debt management help as their credit card balances rise.

These experts will help you restructure your debt in order to minimize your obligations and avoid bankruptcy. They can also assist you in making financial preparations to resist the impacts of a recession.

Personnel working in the field of public safety

Ambulance drivers, security guards, law enforcement officers, and firemen are in greater demand during economic downturns. Working in the public safety industry is generally a safe option during a recession.

public safety

A career in law enforcement, whether as a police officer or a detective, is a recession-proof path that can make a significant impact.

Because they are public workers, law enforcement personnel’ jobs are not jeopardized during a recession. Police training will put you on the path to a secure job with excellent perks and a comfortable retirement.

Did you know that during the previous recession, law and MBA grads spent an average of three months searching for work? Although not all legal jobs are recession-proof, some legal professions, such as criminal defense, bankruptcy, and divorce attorneys, may be less impacted.

attorneys and legal practitioners

Courtroom guards, court reporters, court record clerks, and legal assistants’ paralegals are among the most secure positions in the legal industry.

When big companies start laying off staff, lower-paid workers are more likely to keep their employment.

Funeral Directors

Several things seem to come to a stop during a recession, including people’s lives. People die, and burial plots or cremation, caskets or urns, funerals, and wakes are still required.

funeral workers

During a recession, family members may choose less expensive options, but they cannot completely forgo funerals. The desire to bury a loved one also persists.

Funeral home directors can help families in transitioning to give their loved ones appropriate send-offs, despite the fact that it is a difficult job, making it an important recession-proof career.

Adjusters of Claims

Claims adjusters investigate compensation claims in order to determine the scope of the insurance company’s liability.

claim adjusters

Many kinds of insurance are required by law because individuals would still need insurance. Adjusters will continue to be in high demand.

Systems for Courier and Delivery

With many physical shops shutting, internet shopping has becoming more popular.

Shopping for clothing and books is no longer a simple task.

delivery recession proof jobs

Almost everything may now be delivered, including meal prep packages, groceries, home items, and even alcohol. Courier services that have embraced the work-from-home concept are frequently used by businesses.

Employees of the Public Transportation System

People still use public transportation to go to work and other places, thus it is still in great demand in highly populated regions. Furthermore, during recessions, as vehicle repossessions increase, so does dependence on public transit, guaranteeing job stability in this sector.

pubic transport

Mechanics, bus drivers, ticket booth agents, and engineers are just a few of the transportation jobs that have remained stable throughout the economic downturn.

To sum up

Although no job is guaranteed to be recession-proof, there are several that are more stable than others. Recessions may be stressful and anxiety-inducing. One of the most important things you can do is to be prepared and attentive.

If you’re worried about losing your job, stay on the lookout and take the appropriate precautions. Nobody knows the agony of a recession more than those who are jobless and searching for work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the United States is currently in a period of major economic malaise. The unemployment rate has hit a 15 year high of 9.5%, and more than 12 million people have been unemployed for more than six months. Of course, it’s easy to point the finger at the government, the Fed, or the GOP. The reality is that unemployment is a symptom of a much larger problem. Our economic system is broken, and we are only going to find a cure once we acknowledge the cause.. Read more about pandemic recession-proof jobs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What careers are recession proof?

Careers that are recession proof are careers in the medical field, such as doctors and nurses.

What industries are safe from recession?

The automotive industry is safe from recession.

What are the most recession proof businesses?

The most recession proof businesses are those that have a high profit margin and low operating costs.

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